A/C Scenting System Pro - Limited Edition - Promise
A/C Scenting System Pro - Limited Edition - Promise
A/C Scenting System Pro - Limited Edition - Promise

A/C Scenting System Pro - Limited Edition - Promise



Notes of Fresh Figs, Green Leaves, and Cedarwood

The DA Pro Dispenser is a discrete scent delivery system that works with your central air conditioning. It will reshape your entire space — residential and commercial alike. 

  • Set routine with flexible intervals (start & end time and days, interval sprays from 1 to 180 minutes)
  • Simple to use yet scents your home entirely & evenly
  • Quickly and easily control frequency & intensity of fragrance
This Start-Up Kit has everything you need to get started! Recommended for people who like to use their perfume regularly and on a schedule.

  • An A/C Scent Refill with apx. 2400 Sprays, choose between 3000 (higher intensity) or 1500 (lower intensity)
  • Complimentary scented cards. (samples of our fragrances)
  • “Do it yourself” instructions.
  • 2 D-Cell Batteries    


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  • Benefits of an AC Scenting System Pro vs. Other Air Fresheners+
  • Choose the Scenting Method That Luxury Hotels Use +
  • Compared to wax melts, spray air fresheners, and other similar room air fresheners, our AC fragrance diffusers provide a consistent scent throughout an area, unlike the other options that only release their fresh scent into small sections of a room. The alternatives often only freshen the room for a short time, while our diffusers use fragrance oils that your HVAC system continuously releases into your home, providing a long-lasting scent. The Doctor Aromas scenting system is also easier to manage than using a different air freshener in every room of your home or business.
  • You're often greeted with a pleasant scent when you walk into a hotel lobby because high-end hotels use AC air fresheners. You can achieve the same results and have a fresh, consistent scent throughout your home using a whole-house air freshener. Everything from pets to damp air can cause odors in your home, but our whole home air fresheners use ambient scent diffusion to combat those odors and give your home a delightful aroma that lasts. Keep your home or business always smelling fresh with our AC air fresheners. Choose from a variety of our signature scents, such as Caribbean Breeze, Oriental Dream, Wooden Spirit, or Lemongrass. Shop online and place your order today!

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