For Business

Professional Dispenser


 This programmable device will turn your HVAC unit into an aromatherapy system that will reshape the entire customer experience.  It lets you quickly and easily control how often and at...

Aroma Refill 3000


Aroma refill to be used with the Aromatherapy Dispenser. For spaces up to 3,000 square feet. Key benefits: *Crafted with the highest quality essential oils and perfumes. *Each spray brings...

Cold Mist Diffuser


The Doctor Aromas Mist Diffuser is perfect  if you do not have central AC, if share an AC unit with other tenants or offices, or if you simply want to...

Mist Refill

From $51.00

If you already have the Cold Mist Diffuser, this is all you need!   The Small Refill is enough for 1 Refill.   The Large Refill is enough for 2.5 Refills....