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Oil Reed Diffuser - Twin Pack
Oil Reed Diffuser - Twin Pack
Oil Reed Diffuser - Twin Pack
Oil Reed Diffuser - Twin Pack

Oil Reed Diffuser - Twin Pack



Notes of lime, ginger, tea tree, and rose

Two are always better than one!

Create a mesmerizing atmosphere and fill your home with our luminous scents. Our sleek Diffuser is crowned with elegant bamboo reeds, to be used at the same time for optimal diffusion.

This stylish home accessory adds a steady stream of uninterrupted scent to any space. A graceful scented backdrop.

Longer-lasting, more fragrant, and safer than candles.


  • 4 oz. of perfume
  • No batteries, electricity, or fire needed
  • Simple to use: flip some or all the reeds every few hours to every few days depending on your intensity preference

The perfect gift! Made with the highest quality essential oils and perfumes. 🎁

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      • What Reed Diffuser Sticks Are and How They Work+
      • How Do They Work?+
      • How Do They Spread Fragrance Throughout the Room or Your Home?+
      • A reed diffuser is a popular home fragrance product that distributes scent through reeds placed in a scented liquid. The reeds soak up the liquid, gradually releasing the fragrance into the air. Our reed diffuser sticks are elegant bamboo reeds, which provide a bit of natural decor to your home or office as they release your favorite fragrance oil into the air. Like all our products, our reed diffuser oils are paraben-free, phthalate-free, and free of sulfates and mineral oils, meaning they are safe for your home. Our oil reed diffuser fragrance oils come in stylish glass bottles.
      • Reed diffusers achieve scent transfer by using the capillary action of the reeds to soak up the fragrance oil. The capillary action is the ability of a fluid to flow through a small opening in a material. That means that the reeds act as straws, drawing up the liquid from the diffuser and releasing the fragrance into the air as the reeds evaporate the liquid. This process helps to distribute the scent evenly throughout the room.
      • This type of diffuser spreads the scent as the liquid is drawn up by the reeds and evaporates, releasing the fragrance into the air. Having several reeds in the diffuser bottle helps to distribute the scent evenly throughout the room.

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