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DA Pro Start Up Kit 3000

DA Pro Start Up Kit 3000

Our unique scent delivery system that works with your central air conditioning. Once you try it you’ll never want to perfume your home any other way! The DA Pro Dispenser is a discreet device that turns your HVAC unit into an aromatherapy system that will reshape your entire space — residential and commercial alike. And this Start-Up Kit has everything you need to get started! Recommended for people who like to use their perfume regularly and on a schedule. Best for spaces up to 3000 square feet. For larger spaces, check our FAQs

• Simple to use yet scents your home entirely & evenly
• Fragrances crafted with the highest quality essential oils and perfumes. • Quickly and easily control frequency & intensity of fragrance
• Set routine with flexible intervals (start & end time and days, interval
sprays from 1 to 180 minutes)


  • DA Pro Dispenser
  • Aroma Refill 3000
  • Complimentary scented cards (samples of all our fragrances).
  • “Do it yourself” instructions.
  • 2 D-Cell Batteries

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