About Us

The Doctor himself, Marcelo Zelicovich, used to work in Buenos Aires scenting public restrooms. He serviced many clients, making sure their restrooms smelled like anything but what they were. One of his clients, desperately called him asking for help—his bathroom smelled fine but his store smelled like a bathroom. Although not Marcelo’s expertise, he went over to help. Looking for the source, it occurred to Marcelo that it was coming from the air conditioning. He found that the vent on the roof directly faced the smelliest creek in all of Buenos Aires, and the afternoon breeze was giving them all a taste. If smelly air can be evenly distributed through the air conditioning why can’t the best of smells? 

And that’s how Doctor Aromas was born. Located in North Miami, FL, We pride ourselves on being a local business with safe and efficient products made in the USA. We got started in 2007 and have since been dedicated to providing well-being through an often overlooked sense, smell, in a revolutionary way, the air conditioning. The Doctor Aromas system is simple, but it has a far-reaching impact. Our product not only ensures that spaces will be evenly and efficiently aromatized , but also creates a wonderful ambiance, characterized by the soothing effects of aromatherapy. By allowing essential oils and the highest grade fragrances to permeate through the AC system, spaces – and the people in them – are immediately and positively transformed.

Born in Argentina, Doctor Aromas’s co-owners created and developed the product that has transformed thousands of businesses and individual homes across the country. The team, which is now comprised of 16 employees (15 humans and our pet dog Uma) continuously works to improve the product, the service and its commitment to the community around it.