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K S.  Verified Buyer

This is the answer...

We use the Hope aroma and have found it to be just the answer to that old house scent that often is found in older homes. The Refill Club is perfect to keep us stocked. It is usually scheduled for every 12 weeks, but our Service Associate, Erika, easily changed our schedule for a little more often. That, of course, can be done online as well. A great program.

Nick D.  Verified Buyer

Aroma Refill 3000 "Hope"

I have been purchasing the Aroma 3000 refill about every 4 weeks now. My wife and I really like the "Hope" scent. Everyone who comes to our home always comments how nice it smells. We decided to sign up for the subscription program after trying a few different scents. Such a great product! Thank you!

Melissa L.  Verified Buyer


I used to diffuse essentials oils in my living room and bedroom but the diffusers were noisy and the scent never really migrated all over my home. With Dr Aromas my entire home smells amazing all the time! I don’t have to remember to turn on the diffuser and the products are all made of natural essential oils. Everyone who comes over comments immediately that the house smells incredible! Thank you Dr Aromas for developing a system that you can set and forget. The subscription service for refills is perfect. I never forget to order my refill so I nevee go without a beautifully scented home. I’ve even notices that our dogs are much more calm. Bonus!!

*We reserve the right to modify or discontinue any part or all of the Doctor Aromas Club program without prior notice at any time.

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