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Doctor Aromas & Miami Symphony Orquesta ( MISO )

Enjoy “The Magic of Synesthesia” concert aromas at home while supporting the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO)
 60% of the sales of this product will be donated to MISO!
We were honored to be a part of MISO Chic: The Magic of Synesthesia, a multi-dimensional concert which transpired at The Moore Building in December of 2018. This experience embraced all the senses, and we took care of the olfactory piece.
 These eight carefully crafted fragrances were hand-picked for the concert and are now yours to enjoy! 
 While the scent is invisible, it has the potential to be harmonious with other senses. Adding scent to music complemented the concert beautifully, and shed light on the incredible potential for multidimensionality in art. We hope this set of perfumes brings back some of the sensations of that magical night. For those of you who may not have made it, you might still find that the right scent, much like music, transforms the way we perceive places and interact with them.
 You can learn more about the concert and its music here:
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