For Business

Doctor Aromas aromatherapy fragrances can help you increase sales and productivity by creating a sensation of harmony and balance for your employees and clients alike.

Beautiful design is always a primary consideration for a business because it appeals to our sense of sight, and music helps create a pleasant environment, yet our strongest sense is often overlooked: our sense of smell.

Humans have the ability to distinguish over 10,000 different odor molecules, and these scents are used every day to make decisions. It’s the only sense that we can’t avoid. While we’re alive, we’re always breathing.

Currently, many of the top players in the hotel, health care, design, fashion, and architecture industries along with scores of high-end residential buildings are our clients for one reason. Our delivery systems work; and they do so quickly, easily, and silently. Some of our clients include The Four Season Residences, Santa Maria at Brickell, Apogee South Beach, Trump Towers I, II and III, Trump Hollywood, Trump International Hotel, Ocean House, Marquis Miami, Jade at Brickell, Asia, Carbonell, as well as over 250 other luxury buildings, and more than 2000 private homes.