17.1oz Haven by Katrina Campins

17.1oz Haven by Katrina Campins

Haven by Katrina Campins 

Notes of Sweet Berries, Vanilla and Orange

The sensual embrace of Vanilla blends with a juicy touch of Sweet Berries and a hint of the spicy-wood Blackcurrant. The air is filled with middle notes of Thyme, Orange and Patchouli Oil, making your home feel like a sanctuary.

Therapeutic Properties
Warming and uplifting, stimulates the immune system and circulation while calming the mind; anti-inflammatory, deodorant and antibacterial.

Fragrance Intensity: Medium.


Pre-Order Now! 

If you already own the Aromatherapy Dispenser, this is all you need! Works in spaces up to 3,000 square feet.

Comes with two replacement AA batteries for your home dispenser (the batteries should be changed every time you replace the Aroma Refill, or every 45 days – whichever comes first).