Containing cosmetic grade fragrances and pure essential oils, Doctor Aromas aromatherapy scents have the remarkable ability of helping you achieve both mental and physical well-being, while creating an extremely pleasant environment in your home. Each scent is crafted with the highest quality and best possible ingredients to ensure a positive experience every time.

The healing properties of the plants and essential oils in Doctor Aromas' formulas can stimulate the immune system and circulation, improve concentration, alleviate headaches, act as an antiviral and antibacterial agent, provide comfort, fight fatigue, improve memory, and many other benefits.

The Doctor Aromas' system evenly distributes the fragrance throughout your home. The system is designed to work in coordination with your central air conditioning system and remains hidden from view in AC closets and garages. Doctor Aromas provides results that cannot be obtained with any other system. Aerosol room sprays and plug-ins only deliver fragrance in the small surrounding area where they are placed. Since Doctor Aromas uses your AC to deliver the fragrance, you will literally have “aromatherapy in the air” throughout your entire space!

The battery operated Dispenser attaches to the Aromatherapy Fragrance Canisters and automatically sprays onto the AC filter. It attaches easily, and includes a remote control that allows you to program the interval between sprays, as well as your preference of fragrance intensity. Our easy-to-use, compact system eliminates electrical consumption.

Since you need only one Aromatherapy Fragrance Canister, which routinely lasts a month or more, the Doctor Aromas system also ends up being the least expensive. To obtain similar results, you would need multiple aerosol room sprays and plug-ins, whose scents typically last a few days, requiring you to spend a lot more for inferior and inefficient products. No matter the size of the space, our fragrances are evenly distributed giving you an amazing smelling place, while also neutralizing unpleasant odors from mildew, food, pets, tobacco, and any other source, and providing the well-being of aromatherapy.

Say goodbye to inefficient and expensive plug-in devices all over your home or office, and say hello to Doctor Aromas. You have a remarkable variety of aromatherapy fragrances to gain has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 185 ratings and reviews