4 Fragrances to Try This Summer

It’s mid-June, the heat is on and we can already smell that summer breeze! SUMMER IS HERE. Time for some coconut scented sunscreen, infused water, and of course the beach.

The thought of fresh, crisp scents filling the air is just one of the many reasons we love summer so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite scents for the season.

  1. Citrus - it’s no surprise that the Citrus Family would be on our summer list. Citrus gives a fresh, clean scent that lifts and reinvigorates the spirit. Plus, the best refreshing summer treats include citrus like lemonade, key lime pie, and MARGARITAS!
  2. Marine - can you describe what the ocean smells like? This is what you’d call the Marine Family. It gives fragrances a watery and ozonic effect. Some describe it as floral and fresh. This scent puts you right on that white sandy beach whenever you smell it.
  3. Floral - we know what you’re thinking “its summer, not spring” but some floral scents are actually a summer staple such as jasmine and violet. These flowers are soft and airy that can smell like a vacation along the Mediterranean.
  4. Greens - no, not vegetables we’re talking lemongrass, mint and eucalyptus. These scents are very strong but very stimulating.

The common theme in all these scents? They’re fresh.

Fresh clean scents have the ability to rejuvenate the senses and the soul. You can find some of these scents in many of our home fragrances including Spa, Hope, Honeydew, Caribbean Breeze and a few more. If you’re using a different fragrance for your home, try one of these scents to uplift your personal space.

Give the gift of a Caribbean Breeze or the fresh scent of nature in Wooden Spirit every day while filling your senses with positivity, antidepressants and feelings of wellbeing. Whether you want citrus, marine, floral, or green we have them all!

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