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  • How do I install my A/C dispenser?+
  • Where do I put my A/C Dispenser once it is assembled?+
  • Should I use the Aroma Refill as a regular room aerosol and spray it in places other than the filter of my central AC?+
  • How long do the Aroma Refills last? +
  • How do I choose the interval I need between sprays?+
  • What about the quality and safety of your products?+
  • Does Doctor Aromas only work with central air conditioning?+
  • Do the A/C dispensers work only with cold air?+
  • Can I use my A/C Dispenser in an AC wall unit or split system?+
  • Is the System cost effective?+
  • What about very large spaces?+
  • With what frequency do I need to change the Aroma Refills?+
  • I just installed my Doctor Aromas but is not working.+
  • Can I place the Aroma Refill lying down so it points to the filter when the filter is horizontal and parallel to the floor?+
  • Will the dispenser work if my central AC is off?+
  • What is the concept behind the Doctor Aromas’ System?+
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  • Once your dispenser is assembled, meaning the Aroma Refill is attached to the A/C Dispenser, place it so that when it sprays, it hits the largest possible area of the filter.

    If the filter is parallel to the floor: 

    Mount the System on the wall so that it sits just below the filter.

  • No. The contents of the Aroma Refills are very different from regular room aerosol sprays. They contain plant essences and essential oils that will not "float" in the air. The mist will fall to the floor and will make it slippery. No fun ☹   Additionally, do not use the Aroma Refill on furniture or fabrics since it can cause stains. Nonetheless, if you’re interested you can complement your system with our Room Spray.

  • The short answer: it depends!

    Let us explain. An Aroma Refill’s life expectancy is related to the settings at which you’ve programmed it to spray. The more you spray, the more often you’ll have to replace the refill. The large Aroma Refill 3000 and the large Aroma Refill 1500 both have approximately 2400 sprays (the AR3000 sprays more perfume each time).

    Using these aroma refills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with one spray every 20 minutes, it will last about 33 days. 

    Most of our clients adapt their Dispensers to their lifestyles. So, some use one aroma refill a month and others use one every 3 months or more.

  • It’s really a matter of personal preference. We suggest starting at one spray every 20 minute intervals. Try it for a while and increase or decrease the frequency depending on whether you feel the fragrance was too strong (make the intervals longer), or not strong enough (make the intervals shorter)

  • Our perfumes are made using the finest cosmetic grade fragrances and pure essential oils. The propellant in our fragrances is pharmaceutical. It is the same one used in asthma inhaler devices, it is non-flammable, and it does not hurt the ozone layer nor have adverse effects on people, pets, or plants. That being said, never point the Aroma Refill towards your face (sometimes we want to spray ourselves with it too – resist the temptation)! If you spray yourself accidentally, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water. Safety Data Sheets are available upon request.

  • The A/C Dispensers only works with central AC. If you don’t have central air conditioning, fear not, we have other alternatives for you too! All our products use the same quality of perfume. Click here for more options

  • Nope, the A/C dispensers can also be used with heat settings. So, you enjoy our perfumes year-round! Do note that warm air will give you a slightly stronger fragrance.

  • Sadly, no. The A/C Dispensers only works with central air conditioners. Do not use it in wall units or splits. That being said, if you don’t have central AC you can choose our Diffusers! These devices use the same perfumes but do not need the air flow to work (power or batteries needed).

  • We love this question. Yes, it is!

    Doctor Aromas provides results that cannot be obtained with any other system – really, it’s true! Aerosol room sprays and plugins can only deliver fragrance to the small surrounding area in which they are placed. Our System uses your AC to deliver the fragrance so you will literally have “aromatherapy in the air” distributed evenly through the entirety of your home.

    Since you generally need only one Aroma Refill, which lasts a month or more, your A/C Dispenser also ends up being more economical than common plug-ins and aerosol sprays. To obtain similar results, you would need multiple aerosol room sprays and plugins. And those scents usually have a much shorter lifespan. Not only you would end up spending a lot more money, but you’d be paying for an inferior and inefficient product.

    Just be aware, we’ve been told many times before that once you try Doctor Aromas you will never want to go back to common plug-ins. Just trying to be transparent about it… 

  • If you find that you would like the fragrance intensity to be stronger, you can set it up to spray more often (which means you’ll need to replenish your Refill sooner). Alternatively, you could set up two or more Dispensers by the filter. However, if you have more than one AC unit, then you would need at least one Dispenser for each unit.

  • The frequency with which you need to replace your Aroma Refill is correlated to the frequency setting of sprays. More sprays, means you’ll need more Aroma Refills, more often. Once you determine when you’ll need to replenish your Aroma Refill, you can join the "Doctor Aromas Club." This gives you multiple perks and the benefits of FREE Shipping on all your orders while making sure you never run out of your favorite aromatherapy fragrance. Easily change the frequency and fragrance, skip a shipment or cancel your membership. Auto-ship can be set up on the order page once you click "Add to Cart."

  • Verify that the trigger in the dispenser is completely up before attaching the Aroma Refill. If the trigger shows, push it up with the remote control or a pencil. CLICK to view short instructional video.

    Try changing the dispenser’s batteries. Use only new AA alkaline batteries.

    Use the Aroma Refill and dispenser in the upright position. It will not properly work if lying down. Call us if you are still experiencing difficulties. 

  • No. Always use your Doctor Aromas in the upright position. It will not properly work if it is lying down. Do not fret, even if the Aroma Refill is not pointing directly at the filter, the fragrance will still be sucked in by the air flow!

  • No. For the System to work, the fan must be on. During cool weather, we suggest you turn the fan of your central air conditioner to the ON position (as opposed to AUTO) to ensure the fragrance continues to circulate throughout your home.

  • Doctor Aromas provides aromatherapy through your central air conditioning system. We aim to replicate what nature does. Let’s take flowers as an example. The essential oils in flowers can be found in its petals. When the wind blows, the aroma is lifted off the petals and it travels through the air. The scent is far reaching, and can journey through a whole field, which is why you don’t have to dig your nose into a wildflower to soak in its fragrance. The A/C Dispenser (the scent) sprays the AC filter (the petal) and uses the flow of air (the wind) to scent your space. Our clients choose us because we can help them create a pleasant environment in their homes, offices, etc. You should choose us, too.

    For more information check the links below:

    CLICK to view short instructional video.

    If the filter parallel to the floor with a water heater below:

    Hang the System from the wall at a height that will allow the spray to go over the water heater and under the filter so it can be sucked in by the AC intake.

    CLICK to view short instructional video.

    If the filter is inside the wall duct:

    Open the air intake vent, remove the air filter, and place the System inside the AC duct pointing towards the filter at a 45-degree angle.

    CLICK to view short instructional video.

    If the filter is on the ceiling: 

    Open the air intake vent and remove the filter. Hang the System from the wall or directly from the duct.

    CLICK to view short instructional video.

    If the filter is parallel to the wall:

    The System should be placed at a distance from 4 to 10 inches from the filter. If you have a distance of at least 4 inches from the wall to the filter, simply hang the dispenser from the wall.

    CLICK to view short instructional video.

    If the filter is parallel to the wall with limited space:

    If the distance between the filter and the wall is less than 4 inches, hang the System on the wall perpendicular to the filter.

    CLICK to view short instructional video.


    If you have an exceptionally unique filter, give us a call at (786) 536 3664. We’re happy to help.

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