5 Reasons to Swap Your Scents

5 reasons to switch your scents every once in a while


1. Switching scents more often mitigates your brain’s need to adapt to consistency.

Did you know your eyes can always see your nose, but your brain stops processing it after some time? Just as you learn to ignore insignificant and constant visual information, you also habituate to scent! Switching your scent more often allows you to notice it more, and enjoy it more. Lisa from Plainfield, IL says “with the same scent all the time, you can get used to the smell and not notice it as much. If you switch the scent out from time to time, you will always smell the scents!” After a while, “you become so accustomed to a scent that you no longer notice it. Switching scents mixes things up a bit” says a DA client from Sanbornhill, NH. Switching scents makes you notice it more, and therefore enjoy it more, too.


2. So… it also makes the scent stronger and more efficient!

Sometimes, due to scent habituation, people think dispensers and fragrances stop working. Trust us, they don’t! You just get used to them. “A change smells stronger at beginning” says Amy from Parkland, FL. Then, as you get used to it, you need to spray more fragrance more often, to combat your accustomed nose. Switching scents makes you use your fragrances more efficiently!  


3. Alongside that, you won’t over-scent

Aside from scents lasting longer because you’ll be more efficient, you will also scent for the average person, as opposed to your accustomed self. Have you ever hugged someone and wondered if they poured an entire bottle of perfume or cologne on them? Next time you do, ask them how long they’ve been wearing that same fragrance. Guarantee it’s been a long time, and they have stopped noticing it. But you really noticed it! When it comes to your home perfumes, switching scents ensures that people who haven’t been habituated will not be overwhelmed. “I love to try new scents… they last a long time” says Cathy from Milwaukee, WI.  


4. Scents can complement the seasons or remind you of them!

Warm and woodsy for winter, cool and citric for summer, floral for spring, and herbal for fall. You might be like Joanna from Silver Lake, CA, who says “specific seasonal scents take me back to that seasons memories” and you use seasonal scents to be reminded of other times. Or maybe you’re like another client from Denton, TX who says: “they put me in the mood of the season” and you use scents to ring in the new time of the year. Just as you might change the decor in your home to match the weather outside, changing your scent is equally as vital. Like Tanya, who switches scents “based on the seasons and decor.”


5. Maybe you scent for you and maybe you scent for others (or both!) but switching scents keeps your guests on their toes!

Yes having a signature scent can be nice, but your guests will love the surprise of whatever scent welcomes them when they walk through your door. Tabitha shares a love for “the awe and admiration exuded by unsuspecting guests” adding that “they love to visit to get a whiff of the fragrances.” While we mentioned Tanya, who switches the decor with the seasons, switching a scent can give the illusion that you’ve changed the decor in your home, too (even though you haven’t!). “People grow used to the scent, so changing it makes guests think I’ve done something new!” shares one person.

And the list goes on! Some people shared that they switch scents depending on the room like one in Union City, NJ, who says “it’s fun to have different scents in different rooms (living room and the bedroom for example).” Others share they switch scents depending on the activity like Louisa from Doral, FL who says “every scent goes with an specific need. The Spa scent at night to sleep, the Hope scent during the day to energize, and Caribbean Breeze to chill during the day.” Or simply put, by Mary from Marrero, LA “my mood changes so why shouldn’t my scent?!?”

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