5 Scents That Help You Stay Focused

We've all had those days.

You know, the ones where you can't seem to concentrate. You're killing it at work and feeling like you're on top of the world, and then, bang! Your mind is in another place. You're alone in the room, yet you can't seem to finish that project for some reason.

But what if I told you there was a way to keep yourself focused? No, it's not coffee (or at least not only coffee). It's aromatherapy! Now, let me be clear: we're not saying you can sprinkle some lavender on your keyboard and suddenly become an encyclopedia of productivity (although we are interested in trying that). We are saying that there are scents that can help you focus and scents that encourage you to relax—and it helps to know what they are.

Jasmine Essential Oil:

If you're struggling to focus, you may want to try aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils extracted from plants to aid in wellness and well-being. It's a centuries-old practice that is finally getting the respect it deserves, thanks to modern science. Some essential oils have been shown to help people focus better on their work or improve their mood or energy levels.

Jasmine essential oil can help you focus by increasing your sense of alertness, which makes it a great option for an afternoon pick-me-up. It has a sweet, floral scent that can be used throughout the day as a gentle reminder of your goals. Our Glamour perfume combines jasmine with other essential oils like musk, tonka beans, and blackcurrant—and it smells so good!


Are you someone who is constantly staring at their phone or seeking for the next thing to do? You're not the only one who feels this way. But don't worry: it's not you who has a problem; it's our culture. Rather than focusing on one thing at a time, we're pushed to be always on the lookout for the next distraction. It's no surprise that people have difficulty focusing on their work.

That's why we created Spa Essential Oil: to help you clear your head and stay focused while you get things done. Spa contains eucalyptus and mint essential oil, one of the best oils for boosting concentration and mental clarity. The scent of mint is also strongly tied to improved memory function, making it ideal for studying or preparing for a big presentation!

 Lemongrass Essential Oil:

It's the middle of the afternoon, and you're losing focus. You've been working hard, but it feels like no matter what you do, your mind keeps drifting back to that episode of "The Office" where Jim plays a prank on Dwight involving a stapler in Jell-O.

You remember when you were in college, you'd take a shot of espresso and a bite of chocolate every time you got through one page of your textbook. Well, we have something much better for you now. It's called Success.

Success is an aromatherapy blend designed to help you stay focused. It's made with lemongrass essential oil—a scent used for centuries to help people hone in on their goals.

Lemongrass may help you feel more alert and focused and better able to tackle your tasks. It's also believed that lemongrass essential oil can help reduce stress and anxiety, so if you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do, Success perfume could be just the thing to help get you in the right mental state.

Orange Essential Oil:

When you're trying to clear your head and stay focused, what's the best scent to keep in mind?

The answer might surprise you.

It's orange essential oil.

Not only is orange essential oil incredibly refreshing, but it has also been proven to have a stimulating effect on the senses, which helps to give your cognitive functions a boost. The other main benefit of orange oil is that it can help with depression and anxiety.

Because staying focused often means dealing with unpleasant feelings or challenging tasks, it can be hard to do when you're feeling anxious or depressed. By having a scent like this around, you can ensure that you'll always have a tool at hand that will help keep you grounded and free from those negative emotions.

If you like the idea of orange essential oil, our scent Hope contains orange essential oil and some other scents to promote creativity, and improves concentration: lime, gurjum balsam, and patchouli essential oils.

Lemon Essential Oil:

Lemon essential oil is perfect for when you need to be focused, like if you're heading into a big meeting or if you're studying for a test. It's also great for when you want to feel uplifted and energetic.

 Caribbean Breeze, one of our scents, is all about helping you focus on what you love and ignore what you don't. It includes tangerine, mint, and jasmine with orange, the essential oil ideal for helping you connect with your feelings and emotions.

 If you're working at home or in some other environment where you can take advantage of the natural smells around you, try out one or more of these perfumes.





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