1. Summer is the best time for outdoor scents. Scent molecules thrive in the hotter months especially as the humidity rockets, too. There are more odor molecules, they move faster, and therefore they affect our noses more strongly. So many aromas floating around at this time of year! What do you smell?
  1. That being said, a smell psychologist by the name Avert Gilbert (yeah, very particular profession) said that humidity doesn’t just intensify in the summer months. “Stores open up, restaurants open their doors,” Gilbert said, ““There’s just more smells pouring into the streets than on a brisk fall day or a cold winter” allowing for scent to travel in and out more than in other months when ventilation is not quite as necessary…
  1. Humidity and temperature spikes not only affect the outdoors, they also increase the movement of molecules inside your home. That’s why your garbage might get stinkier and materials like rubber and paint, that can already be poignant, might become even more so.
  1. Why are fruity home perfumes perfect for the summer? Scents with fruity notes are generally perceived as lighter than other fragrances. So, you’ll feel less hot and sticky than when you use more floral and woodsy fragrances. You also won’t feel that the fruity fragrances are as overpowering (especially on particularly hot or humid nights).
  1. Citrusy fragrances work similarly. Citrus tends to be uplifting and energizing, something that the heat and sunlight of a long summer day certainly drains from you. These refreshing fragrances keep you calm, cool, and collected..

Choosing the right scents during warm weather can help create a cooling atmosphere in your space, especially considering how humidity might impact the scents in your home! Infuse your space with scents to combat the sluggishness and fatigue that come with those long summer days.

We have 4 summer scents. So, try them all and switch them up! The entire summer is yours! 


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