A Look into The Classics

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Let’s dive into some history with our Classics, our year-round fragrances. From our oldest fragrance, Hope, to our newest, Glamour, these bad-boys have been tested time and time again. They work for every season, they are strong, long-lasting aromas that will envelope the entirety of your home and the people in it. They make you feel that “ahh, it’s good to be home” feeling, and that’s priceless.


Starting here might be obvious. If you use our products, the probability of you using, having used, or at the very least having heard of Hope is extraordinarily high. It is our most popular fragrance; a powerful yet springy scent with notes of lime, ginger, tea tree, and rose. This fragrance is aptly named, as it was the origin of Doctor Aromas; the fragrance that fueled a big dream, as hope often does. Doctor Aromas started with its two founders, both Argentine immigrants and has developed into a company with more than twenty employees! With the help of all the people who believed (and still believe!) in their dream, the co-owners and founders, Rolando Epstein (CEO) and Marcelo Zelicovich (Doctor in Charge) transformed thousands of businesses and individual homes across the country starting with this very fragrance; with a little bit of Hope.


Euphoria, on the other hand, might not be so aptly named. This fragrance goes way back, too. We wanted to discover something pleasant yet still noticeable and durable. This fragrance is warm and uplifting; lavender, vanilla, and peach just make you feel good, but not euphoric. Euphoria is simply what we felt when we discovered it. We were so excited to have discovered this concoction that we didn’t think twice about naming a calming fragrance like this, Euphoria. And such is life. If this were the only questionable business decision we’d made then we wouldn’t be who we are today!


Success is a backwards fragrance. We knew exactly what we wanted it to smell like before we started. Which, as you can imagine, is much more of a challenge than smelling an array of fragrances and deciding on a favorite. As you know, the nose is a powerful mnemonic tool. Marcelo, the Doctor in Charge, remembered this scent, what is now Success. This fragrance was and elusive scent that, for him, was the smell of his childhood. We tried, and tried, and tried again. And a few more times. Until eventually, we had our “eureka!” moment. Though we actually said, “success!” And alas, Success with a capital S was born. It was quite the triumph.  


This is our mildest fragrance, but don’t misinterpret that as a weakness, it might very well be its greatest strength. You might understand its name once you know its origin, history, and ingredients. Caribbean Breeze has notes of tangerine, mint, and jasmine and it was especially crafted for a luxury low-rise beach-front building in South Miami. It needed to be citrusy, sophisticated, and soft; a subtle fragrance that would just be a feeling, a pleasant presence in a room, but not the only noticeable aspect of it. The feeling of sipping on a mojito on the beach. So, you know, basically synonymous with pure bliss. Pure bliss sounded a bit too pretentious for a name, though.


The origin of white velvet it quite special, because it was the origin of something else too: The Art of Aromas Competition. The Doctor Aromas Foundation began this scholarship competition in 2016 as a way to promote the arts and fragrance all at once. The competition asks students to bring the extra dimension of scent into their work, challenging them to think outside the box by using the fragrance, in this case White Velvet, for inspiration and also incorporate it into their pieces. The top three students receive scholarship money to pursue their dreams in an otherwise often overlooked field. The fragrance is crafted with notes of peony, tuberose, and violet leaf. While the students did not know the new fragrance’s name nor its explicit ingredients, you’d be surprised to see how many of them involved white flowers! Fragrances truly do evoke consistent sensations and ideas.


Wooden Spirit was the first fragrance we developed that falls into a woodsy category. So we set out on a mission. We sat down with our perfumists to investigate and sample endless combinations of warm, woodsy, musky, and spicy elements to get the perfect combination. It needed to smell like the purest of forests, it needed to be the epitome of fresh wood and bark, the essence and spirit of that environment. This fragrance took too long to become a part of the collection, but better late than never. If you’ve sampled it, or if it’s your go-to, you understand why there’s no way we’re letting go now that we found it.


Round two of the Art of Aromas Competition brought Oriental Dream with it. This fragrance was brought in to complement Wooden Spirit, the only other woodsy fragrance at the time (and to this day). This time around, unlike with the year previous, students knew both the name and the ingredients of the fragrance. Still every piece managed to be unique in evoking similar sensations. We look forward to introducing new fragrances through more community events in the future… stay tuned for that.


Our newest fragrance, and what an addition it is. With notes of blackcurrant, jasmine, musk, and tonka beans, Glamour is intense but sweet and extremely sensuous. We like to think this is our most lavish fragrance, with therapeutic properties that will make you feel like you’re on vacation in the comfort of your own home. How glamorous! 

Dive into our fragrance page to learn more about the individual ingredients and therapeutic properties of each perfume. See for yourself the array of uses and diffusion mechanisms you can employ to scent your home with your desired fragrances! Is written information not enough to help you make a choice? Sample them! The classics are fool-proof; you’re bound to find one you absolutely love.

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