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Traditionally, art has asked viewers to limit their appreciation to sight. However, almost 100 years ago, the idea of interactive art began to flourish. Since then, people have been solicited to touch and feel art, listen to it closely, or dance around it. Yet, for some reason, people are rarely encouraged to smell art.

The first major museum to focus an exhibit on scent, the Museum of Art and Design in Manhattan, only did so five years ago. “The Art of Scent” exhibit was an interactive demonstration that highlighted the artistry of scent design. So, even then, it involved mostly smelling, and mixed media was limited.

At Doctor Aromas, we stand by the idea that art and scent should be more intentionally combined and showcased. “Experiencing a new fragrance is not unlike seeing a new work of art, it can have a significant impact on a person. Putting them together only enhances the experience,” says the Doctor in Charge, Marcelo Zelicovich. From these sentiments, the Art of Aromas competition was born.

Art of Aromas is an annual scholarship competition sponsored by the Doctor Aromas foundation that is going into its second year. The students who enter are prompted to use a Doctor Aromas’ signature scent as inspiration and create art incorporating said scent. This year’s fragrance is our most recently released: a warm and inviting scent by the name of Oriental Dream.

Oriental Dream was created to be a complement to the two other fragrances in the Woody Collection. It is a mixture of sandalwood, amber, vetiver, and cardamom—earthy essences that warrant a sensation of comfort and coziness. We are excited to see the art that Oriental Dream will inspire. Last year, the influence of the chosen fragrance, a floral fragrance called White Velvet, was very much felt—see for yourself some of the entries in this short clip from last year’s competition in addition to the image above, the winning piece for 2016, Emily Barrera's 3-D Photographic “Blooming Mind” self-portrait. 

This year’s entries will de displayed from 6:30 to 8:30 on March 31st at the Miami Arts Charter in Homestead. Judges will be selecting three winners to whom scholarship money will be awarded. All are welcome to come experience the art, congratulate the winners, and enjoy light refreshments.



  Art of Aromas 2016 fragrance: White Velvet 
Art of Aromas 2017 fragrance: Oriental Dream


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