Art of Aromas

Even within the realm of interactive art, there has been little done to incorporate the sense of smell. The Doctor Aromas Foundation started the Art of Aromas Scholarship Competition to change that, and to dare students to think and create in ways they may have never have before. 

The main idea of the Art of Aromas Scholarship Competition is to drive students to new heights, asking them not only to use the fragrance as inspiration, but to also include it in their art.

Approximately 95 Miami-Dade County Public School students from 10th to 12th grade took the challenge this year and submitted pieces. That is nearly double last year’s participation! Entries were due and submitted yesterday, Friday March 24th, because the 2nd annual competition is just around the corner! It will be held on March 31st, 2017 from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Miami Arts Charter Homestead.

Adam Demu, from Cosmo International Fragrances, artists Addonis Parker, Phil Fung, Rodrigo Londono and CEO of Doctor Aromas Rolando Epstein will be this year’s judges. They will be carefully reviewing all the pieces the day prior to the awards ceremony, where three students will walk away with a total of $4,500 in scholarship money.

This year’s fragrance is Oriental Dream, the latest addition to the Woodsy Collection. Oriental Dream is composed of cardamom, vetiver, sandalwood and amber—it is a rich, warm, and inviting fragrance that basks in the essences of the East. We provided each participant with the fragrance as well as materials to help them incorporate it into their pieces.

We are both excited and intrigued to see what Oriental Dream has inspired and cannot wait to experience the art! All are welcome to view (and smell!) the pieces on the 31st and enjoy light refreshments.


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