Building Your Aromatherapy Library: Five Must-Have Books on the Science

One of the greatest aspects to taking control of your own life, your own health is learning just how many different ways there are for you to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health. For many of us it can be a real eye opener to learn that true health is not necessarily found in a pill and that simple techniques such as aromatherapy can be very beneficial to one’s life.

A very effective way to learn how to take care of your very being is by building and actually using a health-focused library; this post shares with you the five books with which you ought to start your library’s aromatherapy section. Though some of them are decades old, most of them are available in Kindle format, while all of them are easily found in paperback or hardback form.

The books are:

Essential Oils for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

This is the first book a newcomer to aromatherapy should reach for. With this book, you will understand why Doctor Aromas mixes, for example, sweet rose, tea tree, lime, jasmine petals, ginger, gurjun balsam, patchouli, and sandalwood in our Hope fragrance. If you are not interested in going any deeper into aromatherapy other than knowing which fragrances to purchase, this book is all that you need!

Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide: Building Immunity, Increasing Longevity, and Enhancing Mental Performance With Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

The only textbook on the list, this hefty book by D. Gary Young, ND, from 2003 is filled with knowledge that Young acquired over decades of empirical research. Through his writings and teachings, Young, a true pioneer in aromatherapy, has helped thousands of people understand how and why essential oils work and exactly how a layperson can take full advantage of benefits offered by aromatherapy.

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: Over 600 Natural, Non-Toxic and Fragrant Recipes to Create Health — Beauty — a Safe Home Environment

Valerie Ann Worwood’s 1991 classic is a must-have resource for anyone interested in aromatherapy and how it can help you heal. Containing more than 600 recipes, this collection will also help you understand the thought process behind the fragrance combinations offered by Doctor Aromas.

Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails: A definitive guide to essential oils that could save your life during a crisis

One of the newcomers to the list, Dr. Scott A Johnson’s thin book is destined to become a classic in its own right. It also probably has the most thorough, yet easy to understand, explanation of the chemistry behind how essential oils work, which makes sense since the author is a Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist. Johnson knows his scents.

The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils: The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy

Kurt Schneaubelt, Ph.D’s, advanced aromatherapy science guide is a book you must have if you feel the need to learn more than the first book on the list, Get Started with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, taught you. Released in 2011, this fine book is up-to-date and delves into the biological laws that in many instances make plants and the essence of plants more effective healers than are synthetically-produced drugs.

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