Create a different ambience in each room in your home!

In order to stay productive, create a space free of distraction and also filled with good vibes. For those who might suffer from stress, it is ideal to opt for essential oils that help improve overall focus and concentration. Such as Ylang-ylang, found in our classic fragrance Glamour. Try an oil reed diffuser to add a touch of Glamour to your home office...😉
It is very important to stay active and remain positive during these weird times. Go for an uplifting and zesty scent, it will make all the difference. Bring Hope and Success to your home. These fragrances include essential oils like, orange and lemon that will create a playful ambiance in your favorite space.
The space that you choose to relax in, whether it is the couch or your bedroom, should have a soothing ambience... Binge watching your Netflix series, while you get a whiff of Lavender will take relaxation to a whole other level. Try Euphoria or our Spring favorite Verde by the Sea. If you opt for one of our smart diffusers, you can control the intensity from your phone! 

Want to clean the air of your entire home?

Choose "SPA" We have created a Clean Air Scent Machine, to provide you with the best scenting system for your home and to clean your air as well. Spa's ingredients, Mint and Eucalyptus provide a feeling of well-being. Its disinfectant and antiseptic properties will help you maintain your home's environment clean! 

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