DIY: At Home Summer Oasis

What makes your summers magical? For children, it means a well deserved rest from school — a break from homework, projects, and waking up early. For adults, it means longer days with more sun and time spent outdoors. But regardless of age, for almost every single person, summer inherently means warmer weather and therefore happiness. No matter how you spend your summers, science has proven that enjoying the extra hours of the summer sun actually makes us happier. Exposure to sunlight increases the release of serotonin, a hormone associated with boosting our mood. 

So to capitalize on the sun’s energy and mood-boosting abilities, we wanted to share our favorite ways to enjoy our summertime happiness! We know it has been harder than ever to travel to your dream vacation this summer, but whether you’re leaving soon for vacation or not, here are three ways to decorate your home to boost your mood, enjoy the sun, and feel the breeze of the summer forests.

1. Plan an afternoon to look for some indoor plants for your space 

As much as we humans love the summer, plants love it just a little bit more! Summer is a great time to invest in new indoor plants because they will grow easily with the strong sunlight. Plants can create an outdoorsy atmosphere inside your home and transport you to your tropical oasis, or the forests of your dreams, or even the desert you’ve been waiting to travel to. Many different plants grow well indoors, check out these that are low maintenance and thrive in sunlight:

  • Aloe Vera, String of Pearls, Cacti, Sago Palm, Jade plant , Basil,Chinese Evergreen,Croton, Yucca Plant, Fiddleleaf fig, Gardenia

2. Decorate with scent

Place a Wooden Spirit reed diffuser on the bedside table and open the window (if there is any breeze at that time). Take a moment to close your eyes and smell the notes of clove and cinnamon coming from the bamboo sticks. Imagine the forest. Breathe. Focus on creating a space that honors your wellbeing and helps you focus on your breath. What does the smell remind you of? Can you taste the smell? Does it remind you of any food or spices? What does it sound like? Let the smell of Wooden Spirit transport you as you lounge comfortably in your home. If you’re looking for a sweeter wooden scent, we also recommend Oriental Dream, with notes of cardamom, amber, and vetiver.

3. Add some color to your space

There is nothing that says summer like a pop of color. We all have those home projects that we have been pushing off for a while now, and summer is the perfect time to put those dreams to work! While you get to thinking what new decor you will accent your home with, we recommend incorporating some color into your home. It might be painting a piece of furniture, or hanging up a new piece of artwork, maybe even painting an entire wall. Repurposing old furniture by painting it and giving it a new life is always a good idea! Need some color inspiration? We loved this article that recommends 18 colors for your summer DIY projects!

And if you are looking for something brand new to fill your space, we have the perfect recommendation for that too! Our newest scent Terra is just what you need — a sultry orange encased in a wooden oasis. Indulge in Terra and experience the sweet notes of orange steeped in cool spicy Black Pepper and smoky depths of Vetiver. Available on July 15th with our home A/C system, as a room spray, and as a 1oz refill compatible with any water based diffuser!

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