Entertain Your Kids At Home

The current global situation has undoubtedly changed the way we interact and live on a day to day basis. Children particularly, have been impacted in very challenging ways. By removing kids from their normal routine, a lot of their socialization and human interaction has been limited. We know times are tough, and that working from home with kids is a hard task! Why not find creative ways to entertain your kids at home? We have compiled a list of some fun activities for kids to do safely at home!

Sensory Play*

At Doctor Aromas we value the magic that our senses can create, and children actually tend to use their senses in much more imaginative and playful ways. 

You can start a conversation with your kids by asking questions! What does purple paint smell like? Can you describe it? Does it sound familiar? Do you remember anything when you smell it? The sense of smell stimulates memories and emotions, helping you remember memories from the past or build new ones for the future!

Sensory play can take many forms, connecting the power of scent with other senses. 

Try adding a drop of different scents in different paints. Maybe the color purple smells like lavender and vanilla, an amazing combination in our scent Euphoria. Or perhaps the color pink smells like Hope®, a blend of lime and ginger. A picture is worth a thousand words, but maybe it’s also worth a thousand smells! By enhancing and combining senses, kids are able to unlock new forms of creativity and imagination! 

Check out this step by step from ABC news which includes three different art projects with essential oils! 


Springtime Fun

As the weather starts to get warmer, it is a perfect opportunity for kids to be outside. Whether you take a short walk and collect some cool flowers and leaves, or have kids play in the yard, being outside helps kids feel grounded. Incorporating cool art projects with collected plants is an awesome way to get kids familiar with nature. A good idea is to press flowers or leaves in a book or trace their shape over paper! Kids can have fun coloring and drawing their new collected plants. Alternatively, take a walk around the block with your kids and have them close their eyes. Have them describe the different sounds and smells they notice!

Get Wet

Water play is always exciting for kids and it can take so many shapes. If you’re in Miami like we are and it’s really warm outside, kids can play with a hose or can fill up buckets to play with their toys — getting wet and running around is fun for everyone! Alternatively, water play inside can just be filling up a bath or a bucket so that kids can play with their toys and maybe even call it a car wash! 

*disclaimer: use essential oils at your own discretion. Doctor Aromas is not responsible for any adverse reaction(s) that result*

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