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At Doctor Aromas we know that finding the right scent and product for you is a big task, so we’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions to help you find your perfect fit!

"I don’t know what product is right for me but..."

(1) I have a central AC unit and want to have Doctor Aromas throughout my entire home…

AND I have a home that is smaller than 1500 square feet:

The product for you is the Start Up Kit 1500 or Start Up Kit Pro 1500. The smaller aroma refill, the 1500, will ensure that with every spray, your scent reaches your entire home without being too overpowering. The intensity can then be controlled by determining how many sprays you want per hour — leaving you with the perfect size spray at your determined time interval!

AND I have a home that is larger than 1500 square feet:

The product for you is the Start Up Kit 3000 or Start Up Kit Pro 3000. This larger refill, the 3000, will ensure that with every spray, your chosen scent reaches your entire home. 

But how do I choose between the Start Up Kit and Start Up Kit Pro?

Now, this is a personal preference. Our Start Up Kit Pro comes with the DA Pro Dispenser and allows you to set a personalized spray schedule with flexible intervals — allowing you to choose which days of the week you want your system to operate on and the start and end times each day. This is the best option for businesses and homeowners that like to have their spaces perfumed on a schedule. 

The Start Up Kit comes with our DA Mini Dispenser and allows you to schedule a set spraying interval that has to be changed manually— the programing allows you to set the frequency and intensity with a remote control.

(2) I don’t have a central AC unit and want to have Doctor Aromas throughout my entire home…

Diffusers and sprays are the products for you! Here’s a closer look to the different products within this category.

  • Our reed diffusers look lovely and allow you to create a different scented space in each room. These standalone products don’t require any maintenance other than flipping the reeds in the diffuser every once in a while to get that strong scent.
  • Our stone diffuser is a beautiful ceramic diffuser that doesn’t require batteries and includes a power adaptor. This is an easy and wonderful way to incorporate scent into your home! Just fill up the tank with water, add a couple drops of your favorite scent, and then plug it in and voila — your diffuser is ready and you can turn on the base light as well. This diffuser will automatically turn off when the water tank is empty. 
  • Our room sprays provide an immediate feeling of well-being and add a personal touch to your desired space. Perfect for any bathroom, bedroom, office or kitchen!

If you have installation questions...

Our A/C Dispenser system might seem a bit tricky at first but it is really easy to install and we are here to help! The system works with the pressurization of the A/C dispersing throughout your home, so your fan must be “ON” rather than on “AUTO” so that your DA system can dispense throughout your home when it is programmed to. Turning the fan to the “ON” position will allow the product to diffuse through your home with the air that is naturally circulating.

Some AC units are trickier than others, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team for more personalized help! We want you to be happy with your new DA Products, let us help you enjoy them!

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