Fragrance Guide 101

If you are new to aromatherapy, you just might think that the science is really just all about people liking fragrances that smell good. However, that is not what aromatherapy is about, though the Doctor Aromas fragrances do indeed smell good, very good.

Aromatherapy works due to way we are wired. When we inhale a scent, our olfactory nerves carry that experience directly to our brain, which produces all sorts of emotions, feelings, and even physical reactions. This is why when we take in, say, the smell of a simmering pot of tomato sauce we remember our grandmother or, perhaps, a long ago family vacation to Italy. These are real emotions, real changes to our current state of being.

Doctor Aromas harnesses the power of our olfactory nerves and our brains as it creates our fragrance blends. These are some of more common fragrances Doctor Aromas uses in its fragrance blends:

This spicily warm aroma can be overpowering. However, when mixed correctly and at the right ratios with other fragrances ginger will warm one’s soul and mood. If you need a boost in your energy and your overall outlook on life, go with a fragrance containing ginger.

Although this scent is spicy, it relaxes people. It makes for a nice fragrance at the end of the day or even in the middle of one that is especially trying.

I think we all know the smell of the rose even if by another name. This deeply warm floral scent is relaxing, reassuring, and brings smiles to our faces and hearts.

One of the sweetest fragrances used in aromatherapy, Jasmine mixes well with many other fragrances and helps people quickly achieve a calm sense of being.

A favorite scent for many, rosemary stimulates one’s being, one’s view, and even one’s appetite for life. However, rosemary is more than stimulating; it is also a reassuring and refreshing scent.

This very powerful fragrance can be extremely stimulating. However, there is also no doubt the effect that this scent can have on our respiratory systems. A quick aromatherapy session with eucalyptus will do wonders for sinuses and other respiratory issues.

Do any of these spark some interest? If you're ready to start adopting scents into your life, check out our signature scents and shop away!

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