'Tis the season! Make your home festive with some Holiday Scents!


In previous Doctor Aromas posts we have discussed why it is that scents remind us of particular memories. The nose sends olfactory signals to the brain that go directly to the amygdala and the hypothalamus—regions responsible for emotion and memory respectively! That’s why when you take whiff of pine or peppermint, your mind begins to think of the winter holiday season, and all the emotions surrounding them. Smelling scents that remind you of good times are not solely good for you because they elicit happy memories, but additionally, these scents have different benefits for your overall wellbeing.

Pine: Whether you celebrate Christmas and have real tree in your home or our Holiday Scent fragrance, the scent of pine has been seen to relieve stress, elevate mood, and heighten concentration. As much as the holidays can be great, they can also put pressure on you. Take care of yourself and breath in the holiday air! 

Peppermint: Pass around the candy canes and the peppermint tea! Peppermint has been proven to help people with chronic digestive conditions. Nonetheless, you don’t need to have digestive issues to benefit from peppermint. Smelling peppermint can reduce appetite, aid nausea, and soothe inflammatory pain in the intestines if you’ve fallen victim to the endless amounts of holiday food—it is just so good.

Vanilla: Making cookies? Add an extra drop of vanilla extract. In fact, add it wherever you can because the smell of vanilla has relaxing properties and can make you feel happier! Now that’s something we can all be grateful for this holiday season.

Cinnamon: Whether you’re baking it in cookies and pies or decorating the house with cinnamon brooms, cinnamon has been seen to make one less irritable and happier. Think about aesthetically enhancing your place settings with cinnamon sticks so everyone can feel calm and joyous at the table!

The holidays can be a delightful time. Ensure that by enhancing the experience with aromatherapy. Make your home a place where people (including yourself!) feel happy and at ease, even in the midst of huge family gatherings, or whatever else might be in store for you! Look into getting our season special—Holiday Scent—available for a limited time.

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