How realtors use scent marketing to sell more houses

Have you ever walked into a store, and it just SMELLED expensive? Or clean, peaceful, cozy, or like you’re suddenly hungry even?

 This is hardly ever a coincidence.

 Companies use scent marketing intentionally. From beauty spas to restaurant chains and luxury designers, these brands know that smells play a big role in the consumer experience and, therefore, their sales.

 Why is this? Let’s take a look at the psychology behind scent marketing and how realtors can use it to sell more.

 The science of scents

 Smells affect us by triggering emotions and memory. They affect our mood and even subconsciously impact how we think.

That’s why we associate pine with the holidays and cozy smells with fall!

Different smells evoke certain feelings, and they have a big impact on consumers. One study on smells and consumer behavior found that scenting in a retail environment made participants feel like they spent less time in the store than they actually did.
This is because smells are powerful, affecting our perception, preference, and even emotions. So as a salesperson, it’s advantageous to use scent marketing.

Scent marketing: What is it?

When brands want to leave an impression or convey certain messages, they use smells.
Aveda salons use floral and plant scents for a fresh smell. Hyatt hotels use leather, patchouli, and orange to create a luxurious ambiance. And Bloomingdales uses lilac in their lingerie department and coconut in their swimwear. Each of these scents has a meaning and intention (Spoiler alert: They intend to sell more, and they’re all doing a great job of it.)

Using scent marketing to sell homes

Okay, but we’re not selling natural shampoos or expensive swimwear, are we Nope. We’re selling homes. And home prices depend a lot on perceived value.

If you want to sell a home for more, you have to consider the buyer’s experience from beginning to end. This means taking care of everything from enhancing curb appeal to fixing that leaky faucet and ensuring the home actually smells nice.

The last thing you want is a buyer to be turned off or think the home is worth less because of an unpleasant scent. It could even be a smell neither you nor your seller notice anymore! (We’re looking at you, musty laundry rooms and smelly carpets…)

As a real estate agent, using smells is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the buyer experience and up the sale value.

Home buyer judgment coming in 7,6,5…

When potential buyers walk through the door, you have 7 seconds to dazzle them. Wait - come again?
It’s true! Science tells us that it takes people an average of only 7 seconds to form a first impression.

But not to fear. By adding scents to your marketing toolkit, you can entrance your buyers from the first moment. Scent marketing, along with the other amazing things you do as a listing agent, will help you sell that home for the high-ticket value you’re after.

Doctor Aromas - Scent marketing experts

Contact us today to learn more about using scent marketing to sell homes. We have a wide assortment of fragrance products, from diffusers to room sprays and even HVAC scenting systems. We’d love to help YOU sell MORE.



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