How to fall in love with fall


Pumpkins – not just for carving

Pumpkins have a myriad of uses and while carving them is one, the insides you scoop out are a huge part of it! You can always roast seeds (don’t forget to coat them in salt and some good olive oil!) But if you’re feeling adventurous try this seed necklace DIY – earthy, trendy, and wearable year-round! Much like pumpkin seeds are often roasted, the carved guts are traditionally used for pumpkin pie. You can find a multitude of recipes for that. But go out on a limb on this one and attempt to make different fall-themed pumpkin favorites: pumpkin-spice lattes, pumpkin butter, or pumpkin loaves. Experiment! 



Halloween – not just for the kids 

Getting dressed up as an adult can feel infantile, and that’s okay. This is not to suggest you should or should not feel a certain way about costumes. It is to suggest that you just take advantage of other aspects of Halloween. So, make sure you pick out some candy you like, and keep a few from the trick-or-treaters for yourself. You deserve it. 

Leaves – not just for raking 

If you don’t live in South Florida, leaves may be starting to flood your yards and driveways. While raking them might be your preference, there are other (or additional!) things you can do. For example, make an activity out of picking crisp and colorful leaves to press and use in arts and crafts projects or as bookmarks. You can also put leaves to work as great compost or insulation for newer plants that may need a bit more protection through the winter. 

The eventual cold – not an excuse to stay indoors all the time 

Light the fireplace and have friends over for tea or cider. If you’re feeling extra fun, you can make some cider cocktails. Can’t imagine any of those recipes are bad, but make sure you try them before you invite people for drinks to avoid stress and embarrassment! 

Fall decorations – make it an activity 

There are so many fun projects to take on and flaunt in and around your home. Take those leaves you picked out (and maybe peruse an arts and crafts store, too) and make wreaths or garlands for your door, knit for your pots and decorative bowls some warmers, or create fall themed centerpieces including fall staples like gourds and pinecones for your cocktail party – the options are endless. 

Fall scents – they’ll enhance your other seasons

Yes! Pumpkin and cinnamon (and clove, and nutmeg, and pine) are all great seasonal scents. But what’s even better? Swapping in your favorite fragrance, say, Hope or Success, for something more seasonal, like Oriental Dream or Holiday Scent, will make your switch back even better. You may not realize it, but you’re beginning to get acclimated to those scents you love. Fall is a great time to make a shift not just because fall scents will bring together your new decs and the changing weather, but also because returning to your classic fragrances will make them that much more potent and enjoyable. 


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