How to get 5-star reviews on your airbnb

If you host guests on Airbnb, you are aware of the value of reviews. In fact, the few words left by your visitors will determine whether or not your listing survives.

With the help of these suggestions, you can avoid suspensefully waiting for review submissions. Instead, create an enjoyable experience for visitors and watch the 5-star reviews roll in!

1. Set Expectations Before Arrival

Make sure your property surprises your visitors in a good way. Provide realistic photos and a detailed property description. Some imagery, for instance, can exaggerate the size or brightness of a building.

While you advocate for high-quality photography, avoid these disappointment- causing factors. Also, make sure to specify in your description if there is anything unusual about the property, such as a steep staircase or a remote location.

2. Make Room for Quality Sleep

Even if your visitors don't stay in your home during the day, they will undoubtedly spend the night there. Make your property a haven for sleep at night by providing everything they'll need.

Blackout curtains, comfortable mattresses, and comfortable pillows should be provided in each room. If the area near your property is noisy at night, you could even offer white-noise machines.

After all, happy guests are well-rested guests!

3. Practice cleanliness

Between each stay, thoroughly clean your property, taking special care to ensure that previous visitors haven't left any trash behind. Clean the bathroom and kitchen, empty the refrigerator and trash cans, and make sure that all of the linens are fluffy and stain- free. Make sure to mention in your property description if you employ professional housekeeping.

When these boxes are checked, your property will receive positive reviews, satisfied visitors, and even repeat business.

Use scent and Perfume in Airbnb

When one considers the idea of travel and its impact on the human psyche, it is easy to understand the need to create a homey atmosphere.

Parts of the overall travel experience include escape, adventure, fantasy, and fun. A successful customer visit is always a delightful fusion of the senses that spins the story of a specific place at a specific point in time. A hotel, inn, or Airbnb is more than just a house or building.

Repeat business is based on customer satisfaction with the general atmosphere's positive look, feel, and scent, rather than the specific products or services it may offer.

Scent not only changes the atmosphere, but it can also change one's mood. It is the most delicate of the five senses.

It is the first sense we develop as infants, and our noses contain up to six million odor- detecting cells.

According to a recent study, certain aromas affect mood by eliciting a muscle-relaxing effect, and certain scents have the ability to reduce stress in individuals.

Hotels and Airbnb’s are all about human interaction and hospitality.

Owners and managers of such establishments have learned to use fragrances as part of the specific message they want to convey to all travelers who cross their threshold, even if only for one night.

Masterfully designed scents, combined with decorative flourishes such as artfully placed displays of fruit or a bouquet of colorful blooms, and relaxing music, all work together to create an illusory feeling, whether of homey comfort or pampered elegance.

4. Make check-in and check-out easier

Checking in and out will be the first and last things your visitors do, so they will definitely remember both of these processes. You should try to make it as seamless and easy for your visitors as you can.

Don't be afraid to request a 5-star review if you've done a truly outstanding job; you deserve it!

5. Provide the Fundamentals

Give your visitors enough supplies to last at least one night before they need to go shopping. Coffee, tea, granola bars, dishwasher pods, dish soap, and paper towels should all be available in the kitchen. Make sure there is plenty of toilet paper, soap, and shampoo in the bathroom.

A quick internet connection is now considered part of the "basics" due to the growing acceptance of remote work. Make sure your WiFi network is simple for visitors to use. Try WiFi, for instance, to manage your network remotely, customize your WiFi splash page, and get visitors to accept the terms of service.

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