Live a hyggelig life with Doctor Aromas

Named one of Collins Dictionary’s words of the year for 2016—hygge, pronounced ‘hooga’—is as difficult to define as it may be to pronounce. It is a Danish noun meaning, in its simplest terms, something along the lines of coziness. The official tourism website for Denmark references it as a “recipe for a happier life” and is it seems as though coziness is only the basis of that. Imagine relaxing on your comfiest couch on a winter evening after a wonderful meal in front of a warm fire with a soft blanket, fuzzy socks, a hot cup of hot cocoa, and great company—that’s not just cozy, it’s hygge.

Is it a coincidence that the Danish have coined such a beautiful term and are also considered year after year to be the happiest country in the entire world despite the brutal cold and significant lack of sunshine? We think not. Hygge is a way of life, a philosophy, a conscious effort to notice and indulge in the small joys of life. The fact that there is no direct translation from Danish to English makes it difficult to explain, but that doesn’t mean that adopting the hygge lifestyle should be difficult too.

We at Doctor Aromas firmly believe that a scent is truly powerful and can be transformative. Scent is an experience, an experience that has no specific single-word description, much like the Danish word hygge has no direct translation to English. Bringing a scent that makes you think positive thoughts and feel good is a surefire way to begin practicing hygge. We have worked tirelessly with our perfumers to bring you our newest scent, Oriental Dream. It is a warm and inviting fragrance—a mixture of sandalwood, amber, vetiver, and cardamom. When you indulge in its earthy essences and perfumes, Oriental Dream is the very embodiment of a hyggelig (that’s the adjective form) scent.

We implore you to not look at the word of the year as something to leave in 2016. Bring hygge into this new year and make it a part of your life for the many to come: be present, acknowledge and spread kindness, celebrate your happiness and the happiness of others, and bask in the positivity that your favorite fragrances bring to you.

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