The Best Fragrances According to your Horoscope

We know you’re probably reading this thinking: Why is Doctor Aroma writing about horoscopes, right? Well, just like you we get curious from time to time! Now, this doesn’t mean that you would not like any other fragrance aside from the ones you read here, but it gives you an idea of what aromas are better suited for you (according to the stars).

Leo’s best quality is its strength. They are always looking to be the center of attention, and they can be a little egocentric sometimes. They also see the bright side in every situation, and they have a big heart.

You would be most attracted to strong scents that are both sensual and bold.

Your Doctor Aroma scent?

Our seasonal fragrance Miami Orange that combines the sensuality of jasmine with the boldness of the orange. However, since this fragrance is only available in summer, you can also check out our White Velvet, which is available all year long.

When describing a Virgo, the word elegance comes to mind. They are known as the perfectionists, everything they do is carefully thought. They are always fair when helping others and can be obsessive from time to time.

Warm fragrances are the ones that capture your eyes (or in this case, your nose) and helps you relax for a change.

Your Doctor Aroma scent?

Our summer perfume called Coco Beach; this scent will mentally take you to a calm place to help you recharge. For a classic alternative that will work well with you and will make you feel bold, try our Glamour perfume.

We’ve made it to the peaceful ones of the Zodiac. Libras word is serenity, they are always looking for balance and to solve problems in the most harmonious way possible. They believe in equality and justice.

Your perfect scent should be delicate and rich to go with your soothing personality.

Your Doctor Aroma scent?

Euphoria, which contrary to its name, it’s our most peaceful and relaxing aroma.

Scorpios usually get carried away by passion. They are very intense and energetic. Whenever they set their mind on something, nothing can get in their way. They are very sensual and mysterious, sometimes manipulative.

You are typically drawn to seductive fragrances that can easily attract others.

Your Doctor Aroma scent?

One of our classics and with a powerful aroma, Glamour. This perfume will bring out the sensuality and richness of your personality.

Just like Indiana Jones, Sagittarians are adventurous. They were born to explore and are always open to learning new things. They are also very open-minded, energetic, and loving.

Your perfect fragrance should be bold and refreshing to match your vibrant personality.

Your Doctor Aroma scent?

Definitely Success, a medium-strong fragrance that is as bold and invigorating as your personality.

Capricornians are the most determined of them all. They are very responsible and have excellent self-control. Unlike Sagittarians and Aquarians, Capricornians always calculate their moves leaving no room for spontaneity.

Because of this, it is best if you choose a fragrance that has a sense of edginess on it, and that will help you think outside the box.

Your Doctor Aroma scent?

One of our essential oils, Spa. This refreshing aroma will help you get out of your comfort zone for a change.


Aquarians have a very creative nature; the word that best describes them is originality. They are independent, free-spirited, and humanitarian. They are always trying to help others, even if they don’t know how.

You gravitate towards citrus fragrances that inspire your creative and adventurous side.

Your Doctor Aromas scent?

Hope, our best seller perfume is the perfect option for you. Not only because its name appeals to your humanitarian side, but the combination of its scents puts your creativity to work.


Pisceans or “The Dreamers” are usually very intuitive and creative people. They are visionaries and generally take an artistic path in life. However, they get distracted easily.

Your perfect fragrance should be strong to keep you focused and motivated.

Your Doctor Aroma scent?

Our most potent essential oil, Lemongrass. This fragrance will remind you of nature, perfect for activating your artistic side while keeping you concentrated.


Arians are very confident and oriented when it comes to setting and accomplishing goals. They are very impulsive and sometimes impatient, but they are also cheerful and inspiring.

Your ideal fragrance should have a smooth aroma that helps you calm down from time to time.

Your Doctor Aroma scent?

Wooden Spirit is the perfect perfume to match your fiery and intense approach to life.


Taurus is probably the most tolerant sign of the Zodiac. The element of this sign is Earth, which makes Taureans very grounded and connected to the planet. They are also practical and romantic, and they have the patience of a mom. Even though they can be professional procrastinators at times, they get the job done.

Your Doctor Aroma scent?

Our wood fragrance Oriental Dream will appeal to your strong connection to Earth.


Geminis are known for being charismatic, outgoing, genuine, and curious. They are always looking to do the right in every situation.

The ideal fragrance for you should be one that is versatile and unexpected, scents that are opposite but complement each other well like Jasmine and Mint.

Your Doctor Aromas scent? Caribbean Breeze, a vibrant aroma that will enhance your outgoing personality.


Cancers are all about harmony, and they like when things run smoothly. They are often referred to as the hopeless romantics and the “moms” of the group, always looking to protect and nurture others.

Generally, you are drawn to scents that remind you of home, sentimental and nostalgic fragrances that trigger people’s memories.

           Your Doctor Aroma scent?

White Velvet, our floral fragrance that will make you and everyone around you feel at home.

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