MISO CHIC: The Magic of Synesthesia

A few months ago, we were honored to be invited to share our expertise in perfuming by the Miami Symphony Orchestra. We spent countless hours thinking, planning, and practicing to scent MISO CHIC’s The Magic of Synesthesia, which transpired this past Sunday the 16th of December. And what a success it was! We most definitely want to thank everyone who made this night such an unforgettable one, but we also want to share some highlights of the evening for everyone to enjoy!

As people started arriving at The Moore Building in the Miami Design District, they got a small bag with crystals, found an aromatized fan on top of their seats, and a teensy box of chocolates underneath them. These pieces took care of touch, scent, and taste… Sound of course was reserved for the chorus directed by Maibel Troia and the orchestra conducted by Eduardo Marturet, who worked closely with Fabiana Cruz, a multimedia artist who composed some of the music but also created digital projections to go along with them.

Throughout the night, we were instructed to do certain things, like unwrap and use the fans, open and eat the Romanicos chocolates, feel the lepidolite, lapis lazuli, and citrine, provided by Crystal Therapist Santiago Bonora. Aside from that, the experiences were pretty much simultaneous. Lights and sounds melded together, sounds and aromas enveloped the entirety of the room, and everyone participated in this multidimensional experience.


Such a cool space... here is a glimpse of it as people trickled in! 

Director of Sales and Marketing, Violeta Horne with Athina Marturet and Maria Celeste Arraras. Photo by Matea Michelangeli. 

Our technical team... they all executed the fragrance disbursement during the performance. From left to right: Edgar, Ale, Jocelyn, and Erika. Marcelo Zelicovich, our Doctor in Charge, led the team (far right). 

They used these small but powerful bottles to spray our scents into the AC vents, allowing it to permeate the entire space. Their timing was meticulously calculated, so the perfumes would reach the audience at the right times. 

Erika, hard at work!

This is a small snippet from Elastika 3, a piece by Fabiana Cruz. It was perfumed with one of our fragrances from our very own catalog, Caribbean Breeze. Can you picture it? 

Spectators making use of their fans to take in Miami Orange (a DA fragrance) during Danzonette by Ricardo Eddy Martinez. 

This is a picture from a participatory experience, where the audience was asked to sing along with the Chorus. That is Maibel Troia, the chorus director, with Isabella Castillo and Conductor Eduardo Marturet behind them. Photo by Matea Michelangeli. 

The Doctor Aromas Team (Rolando Epstein, Violeta Horne, and Marcelo Zelicovich) with Mali Parkerson, the show's wonderful curator. 

Everyone on the DA Team that came to support the company's endeavors! 

Overall, it is difficult to capture the event in a holistic manner, as it really was a multifaceted experience, which alerted all of the senses and made for quite an emotional experience. Thank you to everyone who supported this endeavor, we look forward to continue experimenting with scent and art for many years to come. Look forward to the Art of Aromas competition this March! 

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