October is Finally Here!

October means two main things: fall and Halloween. There are certainly many overlaps in our associations with autumn and with Halloween. For example, both relate to earlier sunsets (or darkness), to vegetables in the squash family such as pumpkins, to fallen leaves and bare trees, and to the color orange to name a few.

Even though studies have shown that the color orange is, regardless of culture and synesthetic capabilities, associated with musty smells, there is much more to October than stale and damp scents. Fall smells of cinnamon and nutmeg, fresh cut wood, and all sorts of baked goods—pumpkin and pecan pies, carrot cakes, snickerdoodles, the list goes on.

While these scents make it through the fall—eliciting calm memories and making us feel warm all the way past Thanksgiving—does that stay true for the single last day of October? What does the Halloween smell like? It seems like an art gallery in Minnesota set out to try and figure this one out.

For ten years now, The Soap Factory in Minneapolis has hosted what is generally agreed to be the freakiest haunted house in town.” In recent years, part of the spook has been due to scent cues. While you can close your eyes and even drown out scary noises by yelling, if you’re breathing, you nose is sensing and perceiving something. They’ve used this to their benefit and taken it to the next level. They have not only experimented with rancid and putrid smells but also with comforting ones—such as talc and those aforementioned familiar fall fragrances—to try and trick the spectators into thinking they were safe.

Scent is a powerful thing; we’ll never get tired of saying that. While we’ll leave the haunted smells to the experts at The Soap Factory Haunted Basement, if you want to get in the spirit of the season and enjoy the wonderful scents of autumn, try our Wooden Spirit fragrance.

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