Remain Glamorous While on a Budget

There is a question that a lot of us probably wonder but hardly ask: Can we live glamorously while on a budget? I have an answer that you’re going to like! Not only is it possible, but the most economic options also tend to be more sustainable and eco-friendly, too — a win for everyone! 

Buy reusable or reused items! 
While single use plastics are initially cheap and seem convenient, they represent an inevitable cycle of spending money and creating waste. Once you realize how short their life cycle is, it is evident that buying reusable products is way more sustainable, for your wallet and the earth. Why? Because most products that aren’t single use can be used over and over again, even if their initial cost is a bit higher. A list for easy swaps and tips:
1. Reusable paper towels: throw them in the wash once they’re dirty and they’re ready to be used again!
2. Refillable water bottles: water is free! Purchase (or maybe you already own) any sort of water filtering system either under the sink or in your fridge and fill up your bottle for on the go hydration!
3. Food items bottled in glass containers: by buying glass items instead of plastic, we are able to repurpose them better. For example, making a glass tea bottle into a reusable water bottle or a wine bottle into a vase for flowers. You can even get fancy with this and buy a glass bottle cutter and form your wine bottle into drinking glasses!

Below are a few examples of how you can DIY!

4. Laundry detergent powder or pods: several companies now offer strong laundry detergent powder that comes wrapped in paper instead of single use packages, most of the packing also comes in recyclable or biodegradable paper. Companies such as Dropps make great ones!
5. Skip the bags: when shopping at a grocery store, skip the plastic bag for fruits and veggies that have skins or peels that you won’t eat anyway. At the checkout line, make sure you bring your own reusable bags, in certain states which charge you for plastic bags this alone can save you money!
6. Thrift, thrift, thrift: thrift and consignment stores are underrated in my opinion. It can be a bit more time consuming but thrifting is fun! Take a friend and make a day out of it as you shop for trendy clothing at really low prices. Not only will you find trendy pieces, you will also be saving money.

Food wise
If you’ve just started cooking, do not panic — it is the 21st century! Cooking can not only be simple but also really fun and cheap. Here are a few tips!
1. Recipes: If you’re new to cooking, read recipes. If you’re ready to open your own Michelin Star Restaurant, also read recipes. There is so much to learn and so many different types of foods that can be used.
2. Meal Prep:  I highly suggest planning out meals in order to save money. Meal prepping not only saves money but also helps save time and food waste. I suggest trying to buy enough food for a set timeline, maybe one or two weeks depending on how many you’re cooking for. When you buy for a certain timeline and meal prep, you reduce the amount of junk food you eat, the number of trips to the supermarket (yay eco-friendly), and the food you order in or take out. Particularly in today’s age with food delivery systems, it is easier than ever to get food delivered for really low prices, cook it up and ball out chef style!
3. Use food scraps: Food scraps can be useful to make vegetable broth! A ton of recipes online show how to collect, store and then cook your veggie scraps to make yummy broth for soups. 

Keep your space clean and fresh
Maintaining a clean space is important for everyone. However, some days tend to get long and time seems to be too valuable to waste and somehow cleaning always seems to land at the bottom of the to-do list. Now, I’m not saying to swap all sorts of cleaning for scents, but I am definitely saying that keeping a fresh smell helps cleanse our space! There is no need for endless amounts of candles or plugins, especially since they tend to be costly. Both Doctor Aromas reed diffusers and oil diffusers help cleanse your space by using both home perfumes and natural essential oils. These systems can last a significant amount of time, are easy to set up and run, and most importantly help maintain a fresh and clean smell throughout your home! For those with central AC units, you can even get a diffuser system that will have your whole home or apartment smelling clean and visitor ready! 

You are now officially set to embark on your green, clean, glamorous lifestyle, good luck! 

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