We all like to be pampered a little bit… and we’re here to spoil you, should you desire it. We can clean, maintain your refills and replace your batteries for you on a monthly basis. We will advise you on the status of your filter as an extra bonus, which guarantees our perfumes work properly and that your HVAC system is healthy and running smoothly! Before and after every service we also send you a notice. The former so you can request new scents, additional products (Room Fragrances for housekeeping?), or a change in scent intensity. The latter so you know exactly what service we provided when we visited your property. You’re never in the dark, and we think you’ll love our friendly, knowledgeable technicians. We’re confident we have the best customer service in the industry.


That being said, there are properties that work wonderfully doing it on their own (shout out to you all, you know who you are!) and you can be one of them too. We want to be as flexible as possible when it comes to servicing, and finding the right kind of assistance for you. Need to Skype with our technicians while you install? You got it. Want us to chat with the new hire in charge of maintenancing the AC systems now? We’d love to. Either way, we are always a simple phone call away and we truly just want you to get the most out of the Doctor Aromas products and services you choose.   

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