Five Ways We Show Love to the Planet

As a tribute to Earth Day, we wanted to show you the ways in which we actively appreciate our planet through our products.

1. All of our fragrances contain a variety of essential oils. That being said, we rely on controlled environments to spruce them up with lab-created fragrances that mimic nature. This way, we don’t need to deplete already scarce resources... We’re not trying to cut down trees and plants we can’t replenish here! Our products are cruelty-free and environmentally responsible.  

2. Rest assured, the essential oil and perfume combination is key to making the highest quality, most impactful, yet environmentally friendly fragrances. Plus, all the best perfumes have synthetic replicas in them. Why is this good, you ask? This makes them more allergy-friendly and sustainable. And we only want the best, most allergy-friendly, and sustainable perfumes possible! After all, not all-natural things are good: poison ivy, common allergens like pollen or peanuts, we can keep going…

3. In our Aroma Refills, we use an innovative propellant from Honeywell (the manufacturer) that aligns with our focus on sustainability! As a technology leader, Honeywell has developed Solstice® Propellant, which is nonflammable, non-ozone-depleting, and has an ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) of less than 1. Its GWP is 99.9% lower than hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which are commonly used in aerosols. Solstice Propellant, which powers our perfumes, is based on next-generation hydrofluoro-olefin (HFO) technology. It provides all of the performance benefits of HFCs, but with more favorable environmental properties. Honeywell research shows that "replacement of HFCs and HCFCs with Solstice products throughout 2019 will save the carbon dioxide equivalent of removing more than 33.1 million cars from the road -- nearly double the number of cars sold in the U.S. each year." That's a lot of cars. By using Solstice Propellant in our Aroma Refills, we are proud to be doing our part. 

4. Aerosols sometimes get a bad rep, and we’re here to clear the air. Pun intended! Often times, people associate aerosols with large, dense, and inefficient particles. Our aerosol dispensers spray into your AC intake filter, this allows for the air that coming through to take the scent with it. This gives it the most far-reaching effect possible. It is actually designed to mimic the exact ways in which flowers and plants disseminate their fragrance through the air in nature. Wherever your conditioned air goes, as does the scent. It’s pretty neat, and it’s efficient! A little goes a long way. The best part? Unlike with diffusers you can’t see it happen. It’s simply a blissful sensation.

5. Of course, we want to fit into the lifestyle you’ve already created for yourself. We are pet friendly, hypoallergenic, and safer than candles. Did you know burning paraffins (the base of most commercial candles) creates chemical reactions that exude known carcinogens? Yikes! Not only are we more efficient, but we’re definitely better for your health (and by saying "better" we're being humble... we're 100% safe), as well as your family’s and pets’ health.

Read some reviews below (and more here - all from real customers!) that believe in our product as much as we do…

  • Bianca G. : Dr Aroma offers a wonderful alternative to candles! Candles have toxic wax and older candles have toxic wicks. It seems that aromatherapy candles made of paraffin—a petroleum byproduct— release carcinogenic soot when burned. Thank you, Doctor Aromas!
  • Pedro Luis V. (Instagram): I have a 10 month old baby girl who could not stay close to air fresheners. Everything changed since I use Doctor Aromas. No respiratory conditions any more

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