Skip Baking for the Open House

If prompted to imagine a real estate agent baking cookies, most people would agree that even if they serve them, the main idea behind baking in a house that’s for sale is for the sweet scent that lingers. There is something about the warm aroma of a freshly baked cookie that makes a person feel at home (and maybe hungry) and therefore more willing to buy. Simple, right? 


The baking trick is an old one, and a favoriteAnd while we can all imagine a circumstance in which realtors bake for an open house, or before showing a home, it sounds like quite the hassle even if one is to use the store-bought doughBut, is there a simple solution? One can go out and splurge on scented candles, boil a pot of water with herbs or essential oils in it, spray synthetic air fresheners and cleaning products in the air, or fidget with the rigid plastic clamshell packaging of plug-ins to no avail. There seem to be issues with all of these avenues, and most importantly, research has shown that the smell of cookies may actually be too complex and sidetrack potential buyersand that simpler and more natural scents are the way to go.


recent study found that citric scents have a much stronger impact than that of baked goods. Citrus may not only make customers more willing to buy, but also more likely to assume a higher value for the home in questionOther studies show that simple and natural scents do the trick - think congruent fragrances, meaning a honey lavender gelato candle is not going do the trick, but a new Coffee fragrance of Doctor Aromas On the Go, might.

While the product can be used in a myriad of ways, the idea began when we, at Doctor Aromas, realized that real estate agents were taking their bulky Aroma Refills to open houses. Realtors use these Doctor Aromas’ products to make their available real estate more desirable, because scent can make people feel at home wherever they are. 


Not only can a scent invoke happy memories or remind one of a place you love but in fact, scent also has the power to implicitly influence a person's mood through the day. Simply smelling coffee in the morning can make one feel alert, jasmine can lift a person's mood, pine can relieve anxiety, and citrus can act as an antidepressant and impel happiness! Why wouldn't someone, realtor or not, want to carry a small bottle of happiness in their pocket? 

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