The best scents for your wedding

Ahh, scents, they do have their own way of intertwining with events and stories, don’t they? Sometimes, simply feeling the fragrance of a certain perfume can evoke the strongest memories. It is almost like they can transport you back on the spot, making your emotions come rushing back in an instant. Like a bittersweet recollection of moments that have the power to extract even the most profound feelings.

Because scents adorn happenings most beautifully and seal the emotions in your memory lane, what better way to complement your wedding day than by choosing the perfect one? A scent that would fit your style and story flawlessly?

Just imagine, a beautiful composition of fragrances enchanting all of your guests, making a statement on the atmosphere you wish to portray. And let’s not forget about the most epic part – your beloved wearing the perfect perfume that will forever remind you of your iconic “I do”. That scent you feel as you get near to one another and share the first kiss as newlyweds. Is there anything more precious? We bet you’re going to remember it even after decades as soon as you smell the fragrance!

Why is it important to fit the right scent with your wedding theme?

You’ve spent so much time preparing all the details, but in the end, the important thing is to channel a seamless cohesive theme that reflects your character. However, one of the main elements that will bring everything together is precisely the scents. From the perfume to the diffusers and sprays, certain fragrances will elevate your aesthetic and ambiance even more.

Naturally, finding the ONE, when it comes to a collection of scents, can be a little challenging. You probably aren’t sure which ones would be ideal for your style, and that is totally okay. To help you choose, we have paired the most beautiful scents with their perfect theme.

Modern Wedding Themes:

When it comes to channeling a modern style, fashion-forward couples present their bold side. The scents are usually medium to the strong intensity and portray the edgy nature of their story, complemented with understated elegance. The fragrances are usually musky and have a distinct trace of different notes. Such notes that can match the modern theme are orange, cinnamon, sandalwood, or maybe even black pepper for that extra edge.

Among our products, you will find aromatic products, perfumes, essential oils, and fragrances that feature these scents, such as Wooden Spirit with a wonderful combination of Clove Bud, Cinnamon, and Gurjum Balsam, or Terra, a blend of Orange, Black Pepper and Vetiver. Both of them can be associated with earthy tones, muted hues, neutrals, or even a monochromatic aesthetic to make a strong yet elegant statement.

Boho Wedding Themes:

When it comes to this romantic and laidback style, weddings are usually an ode to the free-spirited and playful nature of the couple. However, often, the celebrations are held outdoors, so the fragrances can be chosen according to the setting.

For example, if you are hosting your big day in a garden or a forest, you might want to enhance the scents of nature, or simply channel a quintessential scent like lavender. Lavender is gentle and when there is a little breeze, it leaves a wonderful trace in the air with a romantic free-spirited poetic note. Also, you can use perfumes that have vetiver or citrusy notes for a balanced yet edgy flair. The best notes are fresh or musky. For that reason, our Euphoria collection is an amazing choice for the bohemian bride, featuring Vanilla, Lavender, and Peach with traces of Orange and Patchouli essential oils.

The previously mentioned Terra can also fit the boho theme seamlessly, to complement that perfect terracotta color palette and feel. When it comes to both indoor and outdoor spaces, our bestseller HOPE is perfect for both modern and boho themes, and also almost every season, thanks to its immaculate blend – Lime, Ginger, Tea Tree, and Rose along with Lime, Orange, Patchouli and Gurjum Balsam essential oils.

Garden Wedding Themes:

These outdoor affairs entwined with florals and gorgeous unique settings have won the hearts of many brides, and it is no wonder why. There is a beautiful whimsy and romance that complements garden weddings. Especially during Spring, there are already many floral scents in the air, so how can you make your unique statement and yet achieve cohesiveness with nature? Naturally, floral tones will be a perfect choice, like roses, violets, peonies, etc. With romance and elegance in mind, we have curated the perfect fragrance for these weddings, White Velvet. The collection features magical notes of Peony, Tuberose, and Violet Leaf with Ylang Ylang essential oils.

Classic & Glamorous Wedding Themes:

For this theme, you need something elegant and opulent, yet gentle and timeless. So which scents give off that classic vibe you yearn for? Dominant tones like jasmine, roses, or blackcurrant can achieve sophistication in an instant. Jasmine has long been the main component of many perfumes along the centuries, so is no wonder how its fragrance has become so timeless. Our collection Glamour embodies Blackcurrant, Jasmine, Musk, and Tonka beans which will ensnare the senses of everyone present!

Romantic Wedding Themes:

Choosing the perfect scents for the romantic bride is often an easy task because it usually depends on personal preferences. However, gentle notes (lavender, rose, jasmine, vanilla, etc) will always have an advantage, along with sensual fragrances like sandalwood. That being said, Euphoria would be one of our choices, along with HOPE.

Summer Wedding Themes:

Whether you are planning a destination beach wedding or you simply want to channel a fresh scent for your memories. In essence, summer fragrances are ever so whimsical and playful. They often have citrusy tones which We love to pair our Caribbean Breeze collection with beach weddings because of its notes of Tangerine, Mint, and Jasmine, along with Orange, Tangerine, and Lemon essential oils – oceanic, fresh and elegant! Perfect for a far-flung beach destination affair. Also if you wish to portray a bold tone, then we definitely recommend scents like grapefruit, orange, and lemongrass. You will find such fragrances in our Success collection, ideal for those ‘dancing into the night’ moments. And of course, when in doubt, HOPE is also an amazing choice for a summer fete!

Rustic Wedding Themes:

That shabby chic yet elegant allure of the rustic wedding theme is ever so popular, and it is easy to see why – natural elements, a cozy atmosphere, and a beautiful aesthetic that brings people together. So what would be the fragrance to pair with this whimsy? Think about woodsy scents, green meadows, and natural beauty like cedarwood. Our blend of Fresh Figs, Green Leaves, and Cedarwood in the Promise collection will definitely complement the theme wonderfully.

Fall Wedding Themes:

Fall brings crisp air and the need to turn to something more spicy and warm like musky tones. Along with the collections we listed in the Modern and Boho themes, which are amazing for this season as well, you can bring a distinct warmth with unique spices that pair well with tea and coffee – the signature hot beverages for the season. Those are cinnamon, cardamom, pumpkin spice, etc. Furthermore, to achieve warmth, you need to turn to the color palette of autumn that is mostly amber-toned. That means a perfume that has an amber scent would be a perfect fit because of the rich and spicy tones. Naturally, we curated a soiree of ingredients that can ideally convey the fall aesthetic – Oriental Dream, composed of Cardamom, Amber, and Vetiver.

We hope that now, you feel more confident about choosing scents and perfumes for your particular wedding theme! If you wish to learn more, explore our scenting products.

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