Smells Like Home

There is a scent for everything: to make us happy, sad, sleepy, excited, nostalgic, and sometimes, a little bit of everything. It certainly can alter our perception of a person, place, or thing. Eventually, scents even help us associate that very smell with the people or places that first introduced us to it, no matter where we re-encounter it. That’s why it is so important to make deliberate choices about the fragrances we choose for the spaces that are important to us.

Take Lisa M., for example, who says “I actually love my house again! I have an older home in Florida and have tried everything to get rid of the musty smell but unless I kept the air on freezing, the smell would sneak through. Not any  more! My house smells fresh and people now comment on how clean and fresh my house smells! I’m in love with this product!!!”

The smell of must was getting in the way of Lisa fully enjoying the home they lived in. With the right home perfumes, they were able to not only fall in love with their home, but also show it off to other people who noticed. Scent is the best way to make a first impression, as it is the first thing someone will notice; it’s immediate! The right scent will not only make us feel good in our own spaces, but also make other people feel welcome.

We often have specific associations that make a particular scent desirable, too. We might remember the feeling of being on vacation, or the salty caribbean breeze of a beach weekend, or existing generally in positive atmospheres... Like Jessica G., who “purchased Hope for [her] oil diffuser and another reed diffuser. Smells excellent and brings back memories of our Mexico vacation! Love love love it!!!" 

The right scents make a difference. Not only are Doctor Aromas perfumes safe and environmentally sustainable, but they are high quality, so they feel luxurious, too. Like Ruben G. says, “Love these scents. They fill the whole house. The scents feel very high end. When I walk in my house it feels like I’m walking into a fancy hotel without the use of candles and diffusers.”

Scents transform spaces, and allow us to create associations with those fragrances. Much like the smell of pine makes us remember the holiday season, or vanilla reminds us of baking cookies as kids, there are many different scents we can learn to associate with home, relaxation, love, calm, etc… And they will make us feel that way every time we take a deep breath in and catch even a bit of that aroma!

“Odors influence mood, work performance, and many other forms of behavior via their learned associations”, so it is important that we make an effort to think of what kind of associations we have with certain scents and keep them in our lives, or begin building those positive links to boost our overall well being. Like Lance S., who agrees, “Doctor Aromas can change the feel of your home in the best way possible” with scents that “makes [people] feel relaxed as if they were at a Spa” or Todd, who believes Doctor Aromas “brings such a fresh scent that makes your day so much better.”

So, what kind of associations have you built with your home perfumes? Why do you perfume your home? What kind of power does scent have over you?

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