Close your eyes, notice the scents around you. Feel as they dance their way into your nose, stirring up memories and circulating sensations.
A silently satisfying alliance occurs when a close friend compliments the scent of your home. Not only does it assure you that the experience of being a guest in your home is a pleasant one, free of mysterious odor, but also that familiarity and sense of comfort is established.
Scents are associative. How we associate the smell of pine with the holidays or the scent of flowers with the spring. We share these olfactory experiences with friends, reminding us of fond memories spent together. The scent of chlorine sparking flashes of cool pool days splashing in the clear water, or the scent of mahogany reminiscent of cabinets in a shared college dorm. Similarly, we often associate certain scents with people and their homes.
When people walk into homes, hotel lobbies, or stores and they are fragrant and
distinct, the smell is immediately associated with the person or place on which it was discovered. Many cling to the secret behind their scent; subsequently preserved as their own to hold tight to.
It’s only natural to keep a scent so unique and complementary concealed, in an effort to have the scent exclusively associated with yourself. However, is there anyone with whom a secret is always worth sharing? A close friend, perhaps?

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