Tips to entertain that work and will always work. Cheers to that!

One of the most fascinating theories on why we clink glasses prior to drinking, is that a glass of good champagne or wine appeals to the senses of taste, sight, touch and smell. By creating the chiming sound when clinking glasses, we also appeal to the auditory sense.

That's the secret when entertaining: focus on appealing to all the senses of your guests.
The following tips are just one way to do it, so feel free to find your own party tricks that touch on all the senses of the people you are hosting.

 1. LIGHTING. Try using floor lamps, chandeliers, and candelabra instead of overhead lights which can be a bit more harsh. Either way, be bold and be brave, and, if you have them, make use of your dimmers to set the perfect mood.

2. MAKE A PLAYLIST. Music is essential for creating a party atmosphere, and should already be playing when the guests arrive to avoid those strange silences that happen when you're browsing your music library. Mix genres, be playful and let the music flow.

3. FAMILIAR FOODS. While hosting, it is not a good idea to try new dishes that you recently clipped from a magazine. It's better — and a lot less stressful — to go for easy-to-cook foods that you have already mastered. That way, you'll have more time to mix and mingle with your guests.

4. COMFY SEATING. Upholstered chairs around the dining room table or a fluffy couch in a cozy corner of the room. It’s a great way to appeal to the sense of touch and will help your guests feel at ease.

5. FRAGRANCES IN THE AIR. There are several ways to scent your home. Reed diffusers work like a bouquet of flowers — when you pass by, the aesthetic is very attractive and the aroma surprises you (although you need at least one per room). A home perfume through the air conditioning is a good solution to scent the whole home too — as soon as you open the door to your guests, the scent will welcome them and bring immediate good feelings.

Whether citrusy, floral, woodsy or herbal, look for an scent that suits you, it will become your scented signature (that's why you should avoid cheap plug-ins).


There are many tricks and tips to be a successful host, some are more complicated than others, some require more planning, some of them more investment (of time and/or money). But if you are focused on the 5 senses, everything will run smoothly. It makes sense, right?


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