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Just like the kitchen, the bathroom has many smells associated with it — some good and some not that good. Nonetheless, just as some may see the kitchen as a place of relaxation and fun, so do others with the bathroom. Sometimes, the best part of our day might just be taking a warm shower in the evening! Between showering and getting ourselves clean, brushing our teeth, doing our hair, and maybe even applying a myriad of creams, moisturizers, and makeup, a bathroom is an important place in our home. However, we often neglect this space with little to no decor, minimal storage space, and cluttered old bottles of all kinds stashed away in every corner. Have no fear; here are some easy steps to declutter your space, create a new atmosphere of relaxation, and make your bathroom your little sanctuary! Here are some tips for decluttering, drying, cleansing, and scenting in your bathroom! 

Go through all of your products

There are probably so many old, unused, and cluttered products in the drawers and cabinets. Take two big trash bags and sort through all of those products. Make a bag for items that can be emptied and recycled (check the number at the bottom and then check which numbers your local county accepts for recycling) and one bag for items to be thrown away. Remember that whatever hasn’t been used in over a year will probably never be used again! If you’re unsure about a product, a good trick is to leave it out on the counter for the next week to determine if it is something that you indeed use. If it is used within the week, easy, keep it! If not — it goes. If you have a lot of counter space and find that you always leave products out, consider investing in some countertop storage.

Plush towels

There is nothing nicer than coming out of a warm shower or bath and wrapping yourself up in a plush, clean towel. However, towels can end up being rather expensive (why? We might never know). It is crucial to find towels that make you feel clean, refreshed, and dry. Good towels make a big difference in the bathroom, and finding ones that you like are simple with the help of the internet! There are a bunch of different guides and rankings to get you your dream towel.


Many plants do well in low light and high humidity conditions! In the bathroom, plants can liven up your space and improve air quality. A couple of the best-rated plants include the bromeliad, Chinese evergreen, and ferns. All three of these plants are easy to maintain, grow beautifully, and will thank you every time you get in a warm shower and turn up the humidity! The bromeliad grows best in bright indirect light, so if you have a small sunny window in your bathroom but maybe no sill to set it on— this is the plant for you! Set it directly below the window so it can absorb the light without getting direct sunlight. The Chinese evergreen is perfect for those with smaller windows. It prefers low, indirect light and does not like full sun, so you can place it near a window that does not receive maximum sun exposure all the time. This plant has beautiful leaves and can grow quite big! Lastly, ferns include various plants, but this family of plants is great because they love the shade. A couple of recommended ferns for the bathroom include the Boston fern, the button fern, and the bird’s nest fern! Buy some plants, do some research on your plant species and plant away!


Scents are a fantastic way to add the finishing touch to your bathroom. They create a magical, spa-like setting and can allow us to relax. With Doctor Aromas products that contain quality, natural essential oils, adding an aromatherapy stone diffuser to your bathroom will help relax your body and mind. If relaxation is what you’re looking for, there should be three oils you’re looking out for, lavender, rose, and ylang-ylang. We have three different scents that contain these these oils! Euphoria is a blend containing notes of lavender, and our most popular fragrance Hope, contains notes of rose. And if you’re looking for a more sweet smell, our White Velvet scent contains ylang-ylang essential oil. Whatever scent you may choose, we are confident that the diffuser will transform your bathroom space and make you feel like you’re on vacation.

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