Understanding Home Perfumes Continued!

Continuing last month's frequently asked questions with a few more important ones...

1. Can I choose more than one perfume?

We often have clients who like more than one scent, and that’s great! Scents can greatly complement one another and you can play with using one scent in one room and another scent in the other. This type of scent “layering” can create a unique atmosphere in each room. Maybe you have a Euphoria reed diffuser in your bedroom to create a relaxed atmosphere and a stone diffuser in your living room with Caribbean Breeze to create a more beachy atmosphere. Let perfumes enhance each of your spaces!

2. Are there other things that will affect the smell of my perfumes?

Many different factors affect the smell of your perfumes and your own perception of smell. Primarily, how your ventilation is distributed throughout your home and the environment you live in; temperature plays a big role in how perfume develops, both hot and cold climates affect the time a perfume lasts in the atmosphere and its intensity. If you are someone who cooks a lot and uses aromatics frequently, your perfume might be less intense or hidden by the smell of your food. Interestingly enough, smokers also tend to have an impacted sense of smell and might smell perfumes differently at different times

3. Can perfume help change my mood?

Absolutely! Science has proven that different scents and aromas can impact mood and emotions. The name for the science behind this phenomenon is called ‘aromachology.’ Citrus scents such as those found in Hope and Success can make you more alert and attentive, while floral scents such as Glamour and White Velvet can make you more relaxed and calm. Perfumes have the ability to change our moods and perceptions and therefore choosing the right perfume for the right moment is essential.

4. How do I choose a perfume as a gift?

Though scent is very personal, buying perfume as a gift for someone else is not impossible. In an ideal scenario, the person you’re finding a gift for has been to your home and loves your chosen Doctor Aromas scents! However, maybe they haven’t yet, so you need to find a way to determine their scent preference. At Doctor Aromas, all of our scents have extensive descriptions, so if you know the type of body perfume someone likes, you can find the home perfume equivalent. For example, if someone uses floral perfumes, they will probably like sweeter scents for their home as well. However, if you have no clue what type of smells someone likes, a safer bet is to purchase a scented card box, which comes with a scented sample of each of our signature scents and a $15 coupon. And you can add an additional gift card to  this scented card box! While home perfumes are an amazing gift, don’t forget that just because you like the way something smells, that doesn’t mean your friends will. 

Do you still have questions? We'd love to answer them for you! Submit a question here to have it answered and featured on our next monthly blog!

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