Unlocking Scent And Sounds

We often combine multiple senses to gain information, create ideas, and perceive situations. Two senses that might come to mind are smell and hearing. Most of us use both of these senses in conjunction, sometimes without even noticing it. For example, when we hear someone cooking and smell some of the ingredients or spices and instantly feel, imagine, or even taste the food that is about to be prepared. There are so many ways to connect our different senses and unlock a new sense of perception and creativity. We want to invite you to think about combining these two powerful senses, hearing and smell. Are there smells you can hear? Do you open up the door to your home and hear your Doctor Aromas perfumes? Do they sound like a jazz combo? Like reggae? Maybe they smell like classical music? 

Science shows that there is a correlation between what we hear and smell. Two experiments conducted in 2011 investigated the effect of auditory stimulation on the perception of odors both in pleasantness and intensity. The report showed that olfactory stimuli were rated more pleasant when paired with congruent sounds while not affecting the smell’s power. For more information on this scientific study, check it out here.

In 2018, Doctor Aromas participated in the Magic of Synesthesia concert with the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) by incorporating scents into their show. This immersive multimedia experience stimulated all the senses. The addition of Doctor Aromas complemented the concert beautifully and created multidimensionality in the music. The right scent, much like music, transforms the way we perceive places and how we interact with them, giving a new meaning to the ways we usually think of traditional concerts. To read more about this past event, click here https://doctoraromasfoundation.org/miso-concert/

By combining our senses, we can expand them and perhaps enjoy them even more. That is why Doctor Aromas would like to introduce you to the playlists of scent. We have curated music playlists that we think speak to our Doctor Aromas scents without focusing on particular genres or artists—starting with our most popular scent — our Hope playlist! What do you like to listen to as you enjoy your Doctor Aromas perfumes? Let us know!

We hope you can dive into the world of music, focusing on the wonders of smell. Be on the lookout for new playlists for your favorite Doctor Aromas scent!

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