5 Tips for a Memorable Vacation

Summer is time for travel, and travel requires lots of preparation. We garnered some tips to make sure you make the most of your summer vacations! 
  1. Pack light
When in doubt, don’t bring it. Don’t get caught up on which third pair of shoes to bring, there are more important things to do. Like checking that you have a travel sized toothpaste and that your sunglasses have a proper case to survive the trip. Only bring as much as you need to go through the days you’re away. Plus, not checking luggage, if flying, always makes for less time scheduled for travel, and more for relaxing! Plus, it’s okay to wear the same T-shirt twice. Really. 
  1. Take an extra credit card 
And put it in a different place from your other one! It’s a good idea to keep your valuables in separate, but safe, places. If you lose anything, or something is stolen, you’re sure to have a back-up of the essentials. This includes your different forms of identification (having copies of your passport is helpful!) as well as cash and cards. 
  1. if you are traveling to a country with different currency be sure to check with your bank about exchange rates and fees! 
  1. Use maps
And visit the local tourism office to get them. Getting an overall view of what the city looks like will help you become acquainted a bit faster with your surroundings. And while sometimes it seems cliche to do the things that tourists do, being aware of what’s out there is super important! There are people whose jobs are to guide you through their city. Make use of it! Sometimes they even offer official free walking, biking, or bus tours. Don’t miss out.
  1. Do some reading, learn some phrases
If you are going to another country, with different cultures and languages from your own, it is important to go prepared. For one, it is super helpful to learn some phrases… asking “where” questions (the bathroom, the attraction you’re looking for, a particular street…) and also being able to say hello, please, and thank you are good places to start. Being aware of cultural norms is also very important… should you look people in the eye? Should you tip and how much? Should you keep your shoes on when you enter a building? All good things to know to avoid conflict, or maybe just to avoid looking silly. 
  1. Take a scent home, but bring your own just in case
Sometimes, we luck out. You walk into a lobby and you feel welcomed just by the aroma. Whether it be a candle, reed diffuser, or soap, hotels will often sell the fragrances they use. It is always easy to ask the front desk about it, too. Maybe it’s a bit less straightforward though, and the smells you associate with this trip are those of markets and food. Take some of those traditional spices that evoke those complex scents home with you. That way when you return from your trip, no matter what, you have a way of evoking the sensation of vacation bliss many days past your getaway. The problem? You might not get so lucky. Bring your own home perfumes! Spritz and spray your room or Airbnb with Room Fragrances or our On the Go (made with just this in mind!). Sometimes, getting a little taste of home when you’re far away is nice too. And far better than a taste of, well, lots of other aromas that could be lingering…

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