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I love how special it is to welcome each new season. Fall is something magical. The way the leaves of the trees gradually change from green to various hues of orange and red; the unique autumn and fall scents; and the pumpkin spice latte that you drink from your favourite cozy coffee shop. These are just a few reasons why you might wish that the fall season lasted longer than three months. Fortunately, you can bring the feel of fall into your home with fall scents and various home and room perfumes.

The natural world, specifically the seasons of flowers and fruit, has historically been used as an inspiration for scents. It's simpler to find things at your neighbourhood grocery store year-round in our increasingly globalized world, which has somewhat cut us off from the seasonal cycle of produce. Many people report a particular scent appearing around this time of year; some describe it as sad, while others associate it with more pleasant harvest-type smells. A fall scent can be as much an emotional shift as a herald of the waning daylight. Whatever you feel when fall arrives, chances are smell plays a dramatic role in it—after all, the scent is more closely linked to memory than any other sense.

But where does this smell come from? No, it’s not just a cloud of pumpkin spice flowing in the breeze. Instead, it has a unique scientific explanation. The brisk, crisp, slightly sharp smell we associate with fall is the smell of leaves, trees, and plants dying and rotting. The memories we associate with the change of seasons make it pleasurable, even when many of us are allergic to moldy leaves and burning wood.

We're going to explore everyone's favourite season for the Doctor aromas blog post. It's difficult to separate the fall from its intensely emotive symbolism; just the sound of the word conjures up images of warm, comforting sweaters, sweet and steaming beverages, and family time. The expansiveness of summer gives way to the intimacy of fall, and the zesty tang of citrus or the wash of aquatic accord fades and intensifies into subtle spice and intricate woods, incense, and smoke.

Of the five senses, the sense of smell can have the most decisive impact. It's relaxing to fill your home with enticing fragrances, and scents often have strong ties to memories. The best home fragrance helps you relive your most cherished moments while creating the perfect environment to make new memories.

As the cold nights draw in and the days get shorter, we love to snuggle on the couch with a hot cup of tea with our fall scent and watch the trees change from green to orange.

Transitioning from summer to fall can be tricky, especially in the fragrance department. It’s still sunny and warm, so the oriental scents don’t feel right, but you’ll need something besides citrus and aquatic notes when the temperature drops. Fall 2022 calls for the Doctor's aromas scents for your home: Just right. We have them all together in one place. We’ve created a range of fall scents that capture the spirit of fall and help you feel relaxed and warm. Fall scents will bring an extra dose of ambiance to your home.


All told, the scent of fall is magical. Fall is a season of transition and the beginning of something new.

Time for something genuinely hypnotic. Unique and inviting, Nostalgia is a vibrant black tea with fig notes and a subtle wink of saffron. It is infused with clary sage and bay leaf essential oils. It’s the perfect fragrance to greet the changing weather. This scent is truly addictive. This scent is perfect as a luxury home scent.

From October through November, the tones of this vibrant black tea with fig notes and a subtle wink of saffron infused with clary sage and bay leaf essential oils in this scent bring the things that people love most about fall into your home. This fall scent in your home relaxes the mind and soul and reflects your mood. It will offer you comfort during the coldness of fall.


Fall may be a time for dusting off the winter wardrobe and switching on the central heating, but it’s also a time for new beginnings—with younger family members braving exciting new chapters. It’s also one of the most uplifting times of the year, as thoughts turn to the upcoming festive season and all the wonder it brings. To help you prepare for the new season, we are introducing an inspirational home scent to fill your home this fall.

Alegria is indulge in this soft and sensual blend of exquisite florals: delicate jasmine, sweet vanilla orchid, and warm apple accents. Infused with Orange and Cedarwood essential oils, infuse your home with this sensual blend of exquisite florals. You’ll feel invigorated on even the dreariest days, the orange twist working to lift your spirits. At the same time, the sweet vanilla orchid and warm apple accents bring warmth and coziness to your home.

This soft, sensual blend of exquisite floral fragrance makes Alegria the perfect choice for fall—its bright, rich, and lingering scent infuses your rooms with light, warmth, and colour. It’s also a natural stress-reliever—perfect for relaxing after helping the little ones with homework.


 Whatever the season, we offer a collection of aromas, scents, and home fragrances that evoke special moments and memories. Visit our homepage to browse the entire collection today.

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