What is the scent of a wedding?

It’s always wedding planning season, so we’re here to help you plan for a small detail, that makes a big difference: Scent.

There are a handful of ways to incorporate scent into such a special day, helping you associate scents with the fond memories of pure love and celebration. No matter which ways you choose to scent your wedding, it is of utmost importance that you pick a perfume that speaks to you. Often times, it is helpful to think of all the other aspects -- location, colors, decor -- and let those components guide you to parallel fragrances. Doing a beach wedding? Maybe something citrusy and refreshing. Have a woodsy green theme? Think of going more in the direction of herbaceous or musky. Is everything pastel colored? Try a sweeter, floral scent! The combinations are truly endless, and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.


You might have an everyday go-to fragrance. The perfume or cologne you wear on your wedding day does not have to be as quotidienne. Go out on a limb and try something new, something that will only be for your wedding day. This way, you can wear it again on special occasions, and be brought back to your big day. Consider getting matching or complementing perfumes with your partner, so the two scents will mingle with each other all event long. Plus, getting a whiff of your spouse’s perfume when they choose to spritz it on in the future will be a lovely surprise.

Flowers and herbs

Choosing fragrant flowers, dangling dried herbs, or potpourri as decor is a great move. Especially for outdoor weddings, when the wind is blowing, these decorative components can be a two-for-one. Emphasizing the natural aromas coming from your centerpieces and decorations is a great way to go back to basics... and also save on costs. If you are deliberate about your choices and pick plants that you truly appreciate for their scent, you will not regret it!

Scenting the space

Of course, perfuming an event with scent machines is a fool-proof way of having your space feel just the way you want it to. Whether it is through the air conditioning, or with more localized diffusers, there is a way to accommodate for just about any location. Even for outdoor weddings, using reed diffusers to let the natural scents travel as the wind blows is a grand idea. You can even lightly spritz linens (tablecloths, linen napkins, curtains, ) with a room fragrance (always test the material first, to make sure it won’t stain!)

Souvenirs and party favors

Pick a scent for the wedding? Give it to guests so they can continue to revel in the joy of the big day for many moments to come. Whether it is a body perfume, a reed diffuser, room fragrance, or a bag of potpourri, they too will be reminded of your wedding day when they smell the fragrance they got to take home. Even if it wasn’t used to scent the wedding, it is something just about everyone can enjoy.

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