What to Look For in a Quality Aromatherapy Dispenser

Aromatherapy oils and fragrances are only as good as their delivery system is. An aromatherapy dispenser, a type of device that’s used to spread the lovely aromatherapy fragrances in the air in your home or workplace, is an essential part of a decent aromatherapy setup. However, there are some things, beside the pricing, you need to keep your eyes opened for when buying one of these.

First, you need to determine whether you want a battery powered dispenser, or one you need to plug into a socket for it to work. While the plug-in models might seem a less expensive solution because you won’t have to spend any money on batteries with them, battery powered dispensers are more convenient, because you can place them anywhere you want as they’re independent of sockets or extension cords.

Next, you need to look for programmability. It’s easy enough to find a dispenser that allows you at least some control over the interval at which the device dispenses the fragrance, as this is a fairly common feature. But more advanced dispensers also allow you to choose the strength of the fragrance, or in other terms, how much of it is dispensed in every turn. This might be more important than you think, as the ability to dial it down, or take it up a notch can only benefit your aromatherapy experience.

Finally, it’s important to be able to change the fragrance in the dispenser, and to do it without much mess. To facilitate this, a  dispenser might use cartridges, usually made by the same company that makes the dispenser. With them, changing the fragrance is a breeze, and you have the advantage of having a consistent experience because of the consistent quality of fragrance.

Once you’ve chosen your aromatherapy dispenser, all you need to do is set it up, turn it on, and enjoy the beautiful scents. Still, if you want to really enjoy it, buying the right type of dispenser matters. So make sure you get the best one you can get your hands on, as if your aromatherapy experience depends on it. Because it does.

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