What Your Ideal Perfume Says About You

We recently asked you: if you could create any fragrance, what would it be? What inspires it? For which season is it best suited?

Many of you shared complex and full fragrances, from gardenias & rain, to fresh cut grass, honey & hyacinth. Some of you shared your knowledge of complimentary notes, rich and sweet fragrances contrasted with earthier tones to keep things fresh and not too overwhelming. 

According to Paul Jellinek, author of The Psychological Basis of Perfumery, all scents that make up more intricate fragrances have qualities that lead us to react a certain way. So, based on his ideas, what might your ideal fragrance say about you and the way you are?

If you haven’t already shared your ideal fragrance with us, take a second now to think about which fragrances you like the most and read on…

If you chose ingredients that are primarily earthy, mossy, or burnt

You need your fragrances to match your lifestyle and lift you up accordingly. You have big ideas and great goals… luckily, you have all the ambition in the world to strive towards them. Still, you don’t want your fragrances to be overpowering, so you choose scents that are not too strong that they distract you from your day-to-day excitement. Your ideal DA fragrances are Oriental Dream and Caribbean Breeze.

If you chose ingredients that are primarily spicy, woodsy, or herbaceous

You love the refreshing and reinvigorating qualities of these notes. You might be the kind of person who needs the extra boost to get up and at it but once you get your groove on you can’t be stopped. The fragrances you choose help keep you energized and productive, whether it be at work or at the gym (or both!). Your ideal DA fragrances are Wooden Spirit and Success.

If you chose ingredients that are primarily sweet, and honey or vanilla-like 

You love the relief that these fragrances provide you with after long days of running around and doing things. Especially in the summer when it gets really hot! You hate the heat, don’t you? You might be the kind of person who is passionate, driven, and consistently developing new projects in your life. You need your fragrances to keep you on your toes, ready for your next adventure. Your ideal DA fragrances are Euphoria and Glamour.

If you chose ingredients that are primarily floral, fruity, or watery

You thrive in calm atmospheres. You might be someone who is generally extremely energetic or sometimes jittery. These fragrances help center you back and ground you in the present. Choosing the right fragrances keeps you in a positive head-space and prepares you to take on the day. Your ideal DA fragrances are White Velvet and Hope.
Thank you to everyone who shared their ideal fragrance with us on their social media. Your Pomelo Pop samples are on the way! 

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