Your Scent Stories: Part 2

We asked: what are your most love scents and why? We were imagined we would receive mainly stories linked to smells of childhood. Much to our surprise, and delight, we found many of you had fond memories of our very own Doctor Aromas scents. We want to share some of the stories connected to our most popular fragrances.

1. People love Hope for an array of reasons, the Valentin Imperial Maya in Mexico is one of them. Amanda from McKinney, TX thinks of fond memories of her anniversary there every time she gets a whiff of her Hope Reed Diffuser. While Elaine from Miskego, WI recalls periodically heading to the lobby simply to get another fresh breath of Hope! Local to South Florida, Michele from Bonita Springs remembers feeling uplifted and filled with “hope” during Hurricane Irma, which thankfully did not destroy their new place 

2. Paula from Whitestone, NY remembers first smelling Euphoria while scouting out condos on the market in South Florida. The place looked beautiful and smelled even more beautiful. They got their hands on Euphoria for the new condo they ended up purchasing. More recently they started enjoying Euphoria in their home in New York, too. Of course, this brings back wonderful memories of sunny Florida.
3. Conversely, Andrea from Miami Beach loves Lemongrass specifically because it doesn’t resurface any old memories. Andrea shares that Lemongrass “is a great way to a fresh start” and a reminder to live in the moment, “to just live in the present in my full presence”.

4. Denyse from Twinsburg, OH says “I don’t mind waiting for my car at dealership because it is so pleasant smelling” which may be one of the highest compliments we have ever been given. (Waiting at the car dealership can feel like a lifetime! Right?). Denyse first smelled Success at a car dealership, and now both Denyse’s own car and home smell like it, too. It’s a Doctor Aromas favorite!

    We are humbled to have received such an overwhelming number of responses that share our scents as your all-time favorites. You are our favorites too. Yes, every single one of you! Thank you for sharing your stories. We do what we do to bring these kinds of experiences to you. We Hope (pun intended) to make memories with you forever.

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