Everything You Need to Know About Home Perfume!

Perfumes are an intricate craft. We want to help you understand some of the most important things about them...

1. How do I choose the right perfume for me?

The good thing about perfume is that there are no right or wrong answers, your personal taste is what matters. Having confidence in the perfume company’s reputation is key to choosing freely; knowing that the quality, whatever your taste, is superior. With Doctor Aromas’ scents, we recommend trying it directly in the air (with any scenting product, e.g. diffuser, room spray, or AC dispenser). Even though samples are a good way to have a “taste” of the scent, once it is in the air, it changes some. If you choose to first smell from a scented card (our samples) or a blotter (the white perfumed paper sticks that you can find at any beauty counter), allow a few minutes for the top notes to subside and then smell the sample. Though blotters and scented cards are a useful way of eliminating no-hopers, you really need to smell Doctor Aromas in the air for the full effect. Buying without smelling it all together is perfectly okay too, you can read reviews, go with your gut, choose from citrusy to woodsy and take that leap of faith. Most likely, you will love it!

2. Why do I love some perfumes and loathe others?

We are naturally conditioned to have preferences for smell. This is both due to our genetics/DNA as well as our general life experiences. We have a natural instinct to connect smells and different notes with certain memories. One’s ‘olfactory fingerprint’, as it is called, is unique from person to person and it is a conglomeration of all of the smells we’ve had throughout life. Just as we have different preferences and responses for other senses, such as with food and music, we each respond differently to different smells.

3. How does my home decor and style affect which perfumes will be complemented by my chosen scent? What about the seasons?

Scent is an amazing decor addition and it is a great way to add your own unique touch to your home. Pairing scents for your home can be done in many different ways including by color, season, and decor theme. For homes filled with eclectic colors, you might want to choose a citrus scent that reminds you of fun bright colors such as Hope®. For homes with a more minimalist setting, you might want to choose a wooden scent like Oriental Dream. Overall, scents can match with almost any style and it’s really up to you! However, changing your scent more often means you will start to notice the scent more. Our noses often become used to a scent after a while so if you feel that happening to you, changing up your scent might be a good idea. A good way to potentially do this is by pairing your scent to the seasons! We release seasonal scents to add the perfect scent of fall, winter, spring or summer into your home! Holiday scent in the winter time adds the perfect touch of holiday into your home. (psssst, Miami folks, you can still pretend we have seasons and use seasonal scents!)

4. Why are perfumes so expensive?

In general, perfumes are expensive whether they’re for your home or for personal use on your body. But this makes sense! When developing any sort of product that is meant to be used in your space or on your body, quality is of utmost importance. The price of a perfume is a reflection of every single detail that is put into crafting not just a scent, but an experience. Can you really put a price on something that transports you to your favorite vacation spot in the Caribbean? Or reminds you of your honeymoon on the coast of Italy? Or conjures up the memory of a loved one you haven’t seen in a while? All in all, perfume is an art, and a craft and we truly believe the experience it creates is priceless.

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